Our Mission, in no particular order, is:

To Criminalize ALL forms racism

To Criminalize ALL forms of child abuse

To raise awareness on the true wickedness of sociopaths

To expose Taxpayer-funded Domestic Violence and Child Abuse (“TDVCA”)

To the obliterate human trafficking and child prostitution

To disassemble Children’s Aid Societies in Canada: we need to do much better

To raise awareness of the fragility of mental health when in an abusive relationship

To promote Introspection-based Therapy for mental fortitude and resilience

To improve access to affordable housing and end homelessness

To encourage vapers to “just say no”: if smoking is a need/want, please use cigarettes

To disassemble the MHCC and bust the “mental illness” myth, created by sociopath Sigmund Freud (“Sick Mind Fraud”), to facilitate the eventual genocide of a further evolved species of humanity.