Monday, April 6, 2020

  1. The body of my x:xx a.m. e-mail re-sent to Musical Artists is here. (The body of the e-mail from the previous evening is here and the evidence to which I refer is here.) The attachments that I chose to include in my e-mail were:
    • Photograph 1 of the laundry soap packaging solution is _.
    • Photograph 2 of the laundry soap packaging solution is here.
    • 20200222 3:06 p.m. e-mail from Printwells is here.
      • Here are photographs of two of our self-inking stamps: “STOP Domestic Violence & Child Abuse” and “EXPOSE Technology-assisted Stalking & Harassment”  .
    • 20200223 8:44 a.m. e-mail to Printwells is here. (The idea was to find an affordable way to raise awareness on a number of issues at the same time. Stylist Mr. Hyde in San Francisco showed me his matchbooks in May 2019 and I loved them! I shared this idea with Mike at Printwell’s, St. Laurent Shopping Centre in Ottawa, and he came up with the idea of stamping the inside of the matchbooks with whichever message would be relevant at any particular event. I loved this idea and I was in a position to order 5,000 matchbooks. They look like this _. (I envisioned hiring children to help me stamp a message to Premier Doug Ford regarding Ontario’s public school system and then sending to him a complimentary box of 50.)
  2. Draft e-mail sent to Premier Doug Ford regarding the use of product packaging to “landscape” and the ownership (etcetera) of Ontario’s windmills is here and the attachments that I intend to include are here, here and here. The file folder that contains more photos (some just of me trying to capture a photograph of the sunset) is here.