Thursday, April 9, 2020

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Today, I moved into a slightly larger apartment: I am hoping that my children will be able to join me in Mexico soon.  (English)

Aujourd’hui, j’ai emménagé dans un appartement un peu plus grand : j’espère que mes enfants pourront bientôt me rejoindre au Mexique. (French)

Hoy, me mudé a un apartamento un poco más grande: Espero que mis hijos podrán unirse a mí en México pronto. (Spanish)


codes for symbols / codes pour les symbols / códigos para símbolos

Spanish / l’Espagnol / lengua española
French / le Français / Idioma francés

*I am only learning French and Spanish; therefore, my vocabulary, spelling, grammar, pronunciation, etcetera may be incorrect.


I continued my efforts to divorce my former spouse—an almost impossible task given the corruption that currently exists in my home town of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada—some of which has been documented here.




Avoiding Plastic

This photo shows how I was able to mash my black beans with two wooden utensils. (I did try to buy a masher; however, the only one that I saw was made of plastic and I am trying really hard to NOT purchase anything made with plastic.)


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Black bean dip

I have always enjoyed black bean dip. It is very easy to make. I didn’t really follow a recipe but I did add a lot of fresh cilantro, lime juice and chipotle sauce. (If you do not have access to fresh cilantro, you can use a little bit of coriander&#8212the dry version of this herb.

Leftover Herbs

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