Saturday, April 11, 2020


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In my opinion, massive department stores—such as Walmart and Costco—should become wholesalers that reject products that are harmful for the environment. That way, the shops that used to exist here could return. (English)

À mon avis, les grands magasins massifs comme Walmart et Costco, devraient devenir des grossistes qui rejettent les produits qui sont nocifs pour l’environnement. De cette façon, les magasins qui existaient ici pourraient revenir.(French)

En mi opinión, grandes almacenes masivos como Walmart y Costco, deberían convertirse en mayoristas que rechacen productos perjudiciales para el medio ambiente. De esa manera, las tiendas que solían existir aquí podrían regresar. (Spanish)


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*I am only learning French and Spanish; therefore, my vocabulary, spelling, grammar, pronunciation, etcetera may be incorrect.


I continued my efforts to divorce my former spouse—an almost impossible task given the corruption that currently exists in my home town of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada—some of which has been documented here.




Soap versus Body Wash

I stopped buying body wash when the contents of my three-bedroom home were stolen during June of 2019 while I was in the United States for safety. Since then, seeing all of the aisles of plastic body wash bottles has really bothered me. I am not a fan of Walmart; however, I was pleased to see that here in Mexico there is a lot more choice when it comes to buying soap than that which I have experienced throughout North America. Evidence of this can be viewed here.

Bars versus Bottles

I have not done any “QC” (that is, quality control) on these products other than the blue Princesa laundry soap removed a nasty coffee stain from my pretty white dress and the purple shampoo is the BEST one I have ever used. The e-mail that I sent to my product supplier is here. (We were brainstorming how to source bar soaps, shampoos and conditioners last month. I was hoping that we could source an olive oil-based, oatmeal bar with essential oils and a shampoo/conditioner bar for platinum blondes, etcetera.)

Laundry Detergent (front)

Does laundry detergent powder even exist in North America anymore? It must be SO much more expensive to transport all of that liquid soap for distribution. The heavy plastic that is used to contain it all ends up as landfill. I remember growing up that all of the laundry detergent was powder and came in a cardboard box. 

Laundry Detergent (back)

Whose idea was it, I wonder, to drive up the cost of laundry detergent by converting it to liquid and creating new demand for plastic?