Sunday, April 12, 2020


Another beautiful day and not a cloud in the sky.

I treated today as a traditional “day of rest”. Then, I thought back to when and why the laws in Ontario were changed to permit all shops to be open on a Sunday. Was that really necessary? (English)

J’ai traité aujourd’hui comme un traditionnel “jour de repos”. Ensuite, j’ai repeil sur le moment et la raison pour laquelle les lois de l’Ontario ont été modifiées pour permettre à tous les magasins d’être ouverts le dimanche. C’était vraiment né cessaire ? (French)

Hoy me traté como un tradicional “día de descanso”. Entonces, pensé en cuándo y por qué se cambiaron las leyes en Ontario para permitir que todas las tiendas estuvieran abiertas un domingo. ¿Era realmente necesario? (Spanish)


codes for symbols / codes pour les symbols / códigos para símbolos

Spanish / l’Espagnol / lengua española
French / le Français / Idioma francés

*I am only learning French and Spanish; therefore, my vocabulary, spelling, grammar, pronunciation, etcetera may be incorrect.


I continued my efforts to divorce my former spouse—an almost impossible task given the corruption that currently exists in my home town of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada—some of which has been documented here.




Mediterranean Omelette

The ingredients for my omelette were eggs, green onion, feta cheese, black olives, mushrooms and garlic.

Again, I bought my bread at the end of the day so it was very inexpensive.

(I did not use the yogurt in my omelette; however, I did have a little bit afterwards. I was disappointed to learn that this brand does not have active bacterial cultures; therefore, I will not be purchasing it again.)

Step 1

I cracked two eggs into a glass mug and whisked them. What is noticeable about the eggs here is that they all seem to be about the same size: medium. Also, the shells seem to be much thicker and, therefore, tougher to crack. Is this the reason that they are not refrigerated in the grocery store? Why do North America and Europe refrigerate all of the eggs (and dairy) in the grocery stores when it is not required; releasing all of those CFCs into the atmosphere?

Step 2

I diced my ingredients into tiny pieces so that they would cook more quickly.


I made the mistake of pouring the egg into the pan before I cooked the onion, garlic and mushrooms. Normally, I would cook those first and then pour on the eggs.

Step 3

I sprinkled my diced ingredients onto the eggs and ensured that the heat was fairly low.

Step 4

I decided that I did not need any bread after all and enjoyed my Mediterranean omelette with a glass of juice.