Friday, April 24, 2020

  1. xx:xx e-mail to Isabelle Guindon, supervisor of so-called “child protection” worker Mohammed Said is here. (This individual has ignored all evidence thus far—similar to lawyer Tara MacDougall and Executive Director Kristen Moir—and I do not expect any response: I only sent this e-mail to be thorough in my pleas for help today.) I am working on a page of evidence against the Children’s Aid Society as shown here.
  2. 2:42 p.m. e-mail to Matt Leeder at the Bank of Montreal is here. (Evidence that Patrick Leonard of Alterna Savings has refused to provide to me a simple debit card for my savings account is here, evidence that the Royal Bank of Canada … and evidence that the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce also participates in fraud is (insert audio). (Essentially, the employee (who refused to send to me anything in writing or provide to me an e-mail address where I could send my written request) refused to remove the lien from my car that was towed in February 2019 as described here.
  3. 4:11 p.m. e-mail to whomever administers the inbox at Third Man Records is here.
  4. X:XX plea for help to the Irish Embassy in Ottawa is here.
  5. X:XX plea for help to the Irish Embassy in Mexico (which has had information about my situation for nearly ?6 weeks?) is here and their refusal to help or acknowledge the degree of persecution that one of their citizens is enduring in Ottawa is here. (Interestingly, this office has chosen to change its e-mail address so that no individuals are named. Previously, I was receiving correspondence from x, y and z as shown here.)
  6. Ongoing pleas for help to Wendy McHenry of The John Howard Society in Ottawa is here.
  7. Ongoing attempt to receive assistance from my lawyer, Gonen Snir, is here and the attachment to which I refer is here.