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I continued my efforts to divorce my former spouse—an almost impossible task given the corruption that currently exists in my home town of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada—some of which has been documented:

  • here, with respect to the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa
  • here, with respect to The John Howard Society
  • here, here and here, with respect to his lawyer, Wade Smith of Bell Baker LLP, and
  • here, with respect to one of the many horrific judges within the Superior Court of Justice, Judge Tracy Engelking.

His younger sister, Mary, is a real piece of work too: she has no problem lashing out at me as revealed here.

Then, of course, there are the shenanigans with Ottawa Police Services, the Crown Attorney’s Office and many, many others. It is truly a challenge to keep up with them all when now I am also dealing with individuals at the embassy level while I build out my investigative journalism platform in order to better support our Mission Statement.








Take Five

(20200516) Today I enjoyed some minestrone soup. I added some Quick Oats to add some texture; although I would have preferred steel-cut oats as they contain much more protein and fibre. xo

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