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(20240211) In Ottawa, just catching up in Archives while still enduring Legal Quagmire which continues to mushroom as [insert details later].


(insert details)




A very cool thesaurus is viewable here

Status of court-enabled Legal Quagmire*

16-Feb-24  Today should be a real hoot: here are the Speaking Notes that I served on them:

  • 09:30 C.R. #25 re: Bail Review Application (vs. appeal of the illegally-obtained, unlawful 20220524 Probation Order
  • 14:00 C.R. #4 re: S. 699 Application + “approval” of my witness list as directed by OPSB liaison. 

15-Feb-24  09:45 Interview with MR’s Jessica Maillette re: MHAccess and housing cancelled because …NEWSFLASH! They don’t do housing. Ergo, all of my personal information was collected … “for nothing”.

Ugh. Still didn’t finish my Application Materials for tomorrow. At least I added a few links (Wish I had my own printer)


10:00  Endured another incredibly insensitive Group topic + verbal abuse by the counsellors. (PS. Hint to counsellors everywhere: forcing people to watch a 30-minute infommercial is NOT therapy.)

E-mail Ottawa Civil regarding Case Management Conferences for:


14-Feb-24  Montfort Renaissance & Court


  • Drafting my witness list and third-party records request to be used for 20240216 appearances and 20240325-27 criminal trial.
  • Finding the “2022 Pre-sentencing Package” that former defence attorney allegedly never forwarded to the Crown or court. (Was lawyer Alyssa Jervis bought off too and never sent it??)

11-Feb-24  Catching up from past 10.5 weeks of continued terrorization, trafficking and torture by Ontario’s [insert pluralized nouns of choice]. Currently in a mostly-taxpayer-funded, Ottawa-based “shelter” … as a whistle-blower on Ottawa and Ontario judicial and government corruption. Should be an interesting week.


  • Preparing for two 20240216 OCJ Hearings:
    • a S. 520 Probation Review with Justice Jonathan Brunet and Crown’s Malcolm Savage +
    • a S. 699 Third-party Records Application

    (previously denied by same: see Smoking Gun of ’21)

  • Alerting those who I intend to call as witnesses for my upcoming criminal trial scheduled for 20240325-27. The allegation? Breach of their unlawful, illegally-obtained, child-abusing 20220524 Probation Order.

09-Feb-24  Explained to “counsellor” why the messaging in TED Talk on positivity was pure propaganda and was immediately forced to sign a custom-made, anti-Charter “Behavioural Contract” (else be discharged immediately). In my experienced opinion, this organization could use an audit

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