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Following 10 years of collecting evidence against a massive network of white-, blue-, thug-collar criminals, I’ve reverse-engineered their sick & twisted Syndicate which is linked to multi-level local and international human targeting and trafficking operations. Along the way, I learned just how sick & twisted Health Canada and other 🇨🇦 government departments/agencies are too.

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Note: Andeé Jak is only Deirdre Moore’s pen name until she can finally get a divorce. Yo, David Lametti? Think that’s possible? Like, ever? How many more 100’s of thousands of dollars must taxpayers spend on Pump & Dump divorce?

Meet James

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, I operate Barely Bruised Books, a book store that offers a wide selection of novels, short stories, and picture books for you to enjoy. Some features we boast about are the large French and Esoterica sections that we have, as well as free kids books for the younger members of our community. Our commitment to our community involvement is also prevalent in the events that we host for the neighbourhood.

This gives me a lot of time to READ, RESEARCH and REALIZE. My 20230515 interview reveals only a FRACTION of what they’re up to a Policy Horizons Canada. For more, follow BarelyBruisedBooks:

Or visit me at 315 Wilbrod St, Ottawa ON K1N 6M3

Topic? Biodigital Convergence & the National Citizens Inquiry

In a nutshell, through its WEF-led “agency” Policy Horizon, the Government of Canada is announcing its intentions to fulfill the next steps required to achieve world-wide transhumanism goals … and few are aware of it.

Policy Horizons Canada: anyone vote for this?

Link to government site Exploring Biodigital Convergence

Interview Highlights

Links from Policy Horizons:

Regarding Kristel Van der Elst’s background with the Global Foresight Group:

Other evidence of the what they’re up to regarding bio-surveillance:

Details and evidence of other governments’ motivations, methods and actors/enablers is currently a work-in-progress with links viewable here:

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This is the draft design for the hand-out cards (Staples: Avery #8371) that I intend to print and distribute in after our interview in attempts to raise awareness locally in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador.

*as this is only one of many of Andeé’s whistle-blowing initiatives and she keeps getting falsely accused, arrested, detained, gag-ordered and robbed.

Main Questions

Salutations & Introduction (00:01-01:10)

1. (01:11)  How did you learn about Policy Horizons?

2. (06:43) What do you think of the power structure behind Policy Horizons?

3. (10:38) What  else do you know is Kristel Van der Elst?

4. (15:28:)  Which politicians, federal or otherwise, have expressed concern over the path in which Policy Horizons seems to be taking us?

5. (21:26)  You were recently interviewed by someone at the National Citizens Inquiry: how did that go? Can you describe that process?

6. (29:18)  I think you expressed concerns a while back about changes occurring at TD Bank with respect to Digital User Agreements: would you expand on that a bit?

7. (31:47)  I know you’ve been running your own “raise awareness” campaigns for a while. Would you describe that? What materials have you prepared to raise awareness and how?

8. (38:57)  As far as resource requirements, what was required from a time, money and people perspective?

9. (40:26)  Did you record any of these events? How did that go?

10. (42:58:00)  If you were to do this again, what would you do differently?

END OF PART ONE (45:29-47:48)

Roll-over to next session: a quick discussion before James heads off to “Futures Week 2023“: Interview PART TWO (30:20)

Introduction (00:01:02:30)

11. (02:31)  What’s going on with the food?

12. (11:16)  In addition: what’s your view on Bank of Canada plans for CBDCs and the next digital economy

13. (19:37)  Anything else in those Policy Horizon Reports?


Partial Answers

1. (01:16-06:42)  In Ottawa in March 2020, as small businesses were asked to lock down while people could line up at Walmart–and the terms like  misinformation and disinformation began circulating–I decided to put a little research into things myself. I realized it would eventually result in internet restrictions. I didn’t take me long to find Policy Horizons Canada … and then the Biodigital Convergence link.

2. (06:49-10:37)  Wow. The one writing these documents is Kristel Van der Elst. She’s former head of Strategic Foresight for the World Economic Forum. Recently, she’s also been CEO for the Global Foresight Group. That group is in Geneva, Switzerland. 

3. (10:39-12:37) As well as CEO of Global Foresight Group, she was hired by the International Electro-Technical Commission (“IEC”). They are associated with our Standards of Council Canada (which are at the forefront of this).

ASIDE >> 15-Minute Cities (12:38-15:10) It’s my understanding that the people in the “15-minute cities” will be the first ones to get hooked up. (Aside link to (03:43) Mi’gmaq First Nation testimony provided last week re: child abduction, torture, murder and the fact that “15-minute Cities = Reservations.

4. (15:36-20:25)  Only ONE: Randy Hillier:

(Maxime Bernier banned me on Facebook for speaking publicly about Biodigital Covergence.) See work-in-progress page on Mr. Bernier here:

ASIDE >> Raising awareness on a shoestring budget  (20:27-21:25) 

5. (21:53-28:17)  NCI keeps bringing up “bad COVID policies”. They don’t seem to want to warn people about the actual policy arms developing these policies. Apparently, my application keeps “getting lost”.

6. (29:47-31:46)  The deadline to decline the Digital Access Agreement is May 24; however, online banking capability will then be declined. TD’s materials mention digital biometrics.

7. (32:18-37:02)  Is pretty easy to start a conversation whether they pay with cash or with a card. Everybody has reacted positively. I can start a conversation using crypto, credit scores, our food supply. I used to just ask “Would you like to see something scary?” after they made their purchase. Everyone said yes. After people hear it’s Government of Canada running this, everyone is interested. Meeting students outside of University of Ottawa also went really well.

ASIDE >> Tax dollar-funded grants flow from NRC, IRAP/IRAC, etc. to universities to pay for investments in all sorts of “bio-technology” “research”. Link from Canadian university to Australia (37:03-38:56) 

8. (39:07-40:25)  I’ve paid for promoted Tweets to raise awareness, which Facebook won’t allow. I’ve also made pamphlets that can be printed &/or distributed online.

9. (40:28-42:27)  I host bi-weekly discussions at the store but I don’t record anything; however, I have no problem being interviewed.

10. (43:13-45:00)  I would have made these pamphlets a lot sooner and would never have closed the bookstore during the first lockdown; although, if I hadn’t closed the store, I may not have found this information.


11. (02:33-06:43)  See this link re: horror that is now our food. The mRNA injections are part of a bio surveillance systems that use bio-luminescent sensors. This is also in our food supply, supplements, etc. It’s in all the Nestlé products, vegetables (especially lettuce), meat, etc.

ASIDE >> (06:44:11:27) Society’s acceptance (due to ignorance), internet of bodies (“IoB”)/internet of things (“IoT”), “smart cities” (both Cape Breton & Newfoundland have been labelled as “smart cities”; legitimacy of judicial services (James has seen some success, Andeé has not);

12. (11:28-19:49)  Policy Horizons is in talks with the Bank of Canada. They are talking about bringing in new restrictions. Canadians have until June 19th to respond to the Bank of Canada’s survey re: the CBDC roll-out. I expect it to be rolled out between June and October. The next step will be some version of China’s Social Credit System. (Actually, the system is already in place. They’re waiting to flip the switch.) It’s already being implemented in other countries. The Government of Canada has given business $15,000 for digital adoption. It will likely start with a “carbon allowance”. (Insert link to Amazon/MC carbon-tracking card.)

The small businesses won’t last much longer: only the stakeholders will survive (Amazon, Walmart, etc.)

13. (19:50-23:04) From Crisper to Primer Editor: targeted “medicine”, an expanded toolbox for gene editing, optogenetics, complete government control over everything that one does.    


(23:05-26:15) People need to leave fear-based propaganda, expose this policy arm and “feet on the street” to raise awareness needs to happen.

(26:16-29:27)  Andeé adds: GPS monitoring and alcohol monitoring is coming, judicial services will soon be AI as will legal services. Circumvention of legislation is already happening in civil court, family court and criminal court.

(29:28-30:20)   We’re heading toward communitarianism.

Parking Lot

re: 5. The types of questions National Citizen’s Inquiry (“NCI”) asked & experience providing (or not) testimony was very upsetting experience. (A big thankful from James for all who have provided testimony to @Inquiry_Canada thus far.)

re: 3. NRC National Research Council & investment in “blood brain barrier” “technology” 2017, tax-funded grants for universities

re: 3. Australian connection to Carleton University; also, what are the projects in current university research/”incubator” programs?

Anyone have any details on this? Please e-mail

Details and evidence of other governments’ motivations, methods and actors/enablers is currently a work-in-progress with links viewable here: