I have been hospitalized, ostracized, marginalized, criminalized and demonized by what I have been told is likely malignant narcissist (that is, a high-functioning sociopath ). But he had lots of help*. Here are the top 10 which are, at this point, in no particular order:

  1. Reliance on “collateral information” by The Ottawa Hospital and the Ontario Consent and Capacity Board was fully exploited by ex to commence the character assassination.
  2. Something very wrong at the Superior Court of Justice facilitated the separation/divorce nightmare that my children and I have been forced to endure.
  3. Something very, very concerning at Ottawa Police Services regarding evidence—be it the burying of and/or the fabricating of.
  4. Something very, very concerning about Mike Boyce, Malcolm Savage, Moiz Karimjee, John Ramsay, Brian holowka and Vivian-Lee Stewart at the Office of the Crown Attorney regarding, again, evidence … oh, and perjury.
  5. Criminal activities by employees at ALL levels of the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa as well as child abuse with reckless abandon.
  6. Incompetent, negligent and/or criminally-inclined teachers and school administration at the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
  7. Incompetent, negligent and/or criminally-inclined family physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists.
  8. Criminal activity by Wade Smith of Bell Baker, LLP (seemingly with zero fear of consequence)
  9. X and Y activity by … ahem … coming soon
  10. And, of course, Flying Monkeys, as evidenced by the horrific abuse that I endure from his companion sister, Mary, discussed ________.

I have permission to seek significant damages from this man if the divorce ever gets to trial: Kiska v. Moore, 2017 ONSC 6872. The amount of assistance that he has received in order to delay the trial indefinitely, however, is frightening.

*Ottawa seems to have a disproportionate number of narcissists/sociopaths/not-quite-people: well over 10%, in my opinion. Please visit our Resources section and try to protect yourself.





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Patiently awaiting the day that I am reunited with my children, I am currently developing educational materials, the IBT Kit and exploring the possibility of a documentary.

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