Nearly seven months since I intentionally violated the illegally-obtained*, CAS-constructed, child-abusing 20190408 court order, no one can accuse me of not being patient with our judicial system. I felt the need to bring a Motion and attempt to get this criminal file back on track, as per below. Sadly, 161 Elgin Street is completely lawless.

*an entirely Smoke & Mirrors approach that is extremely difficult to expose due to the volume of participants in local corruption.

February 26, 2020: Another event … and a lawsuit

      • Here is absolutely no information about the happenings of yesterday morning’s Ontario Court of “Justice” hearing because the “Judge” refused to grant, among other things, any amendment to my self-requested publication ban during the afternoon session held in the “Superior” Court of “Justice”. If you would like to receive details, kindly send to me an e-mail; otherwise, you can expect another pfi.ROCKS public service announcement and/or article via Canada Post in due course.
      • Coming soon is another civil action: I just need to insert the names of multiple “judges”, “Minister” David Lametti, the Ministry of Justice, etcetera and convert the lawsuit into a multi-million dollar class action on behalf of we who have suffered due to the negligence, wilfull blindness and/or criminal activity of the “law enforcement”, “judicial” and “correctional” services of the City of Ottawa.

February 26, 2020: Just more evidence of corruption in our judicial system which has clearly infiltrated the “judge” level.

      • Coming soon is the evidence of criminal activity by the “Judge” Ann Alder and the Assistant Crown Attorney, Malcolm Savage, in the Ontario Court of Justice in the morning.
      • Coming soon is the evidence of criminal activity by “Judge” Catherine Aitken who, trust me … is NOT honourable, and the Assistant Crown Attorney, Malcolm Savage, in the Superior Court of Justice in the afternoon. I actually told the NQP (i.e. “woman”) that she should be removed from the bench and walked out of the courtroom before she and Savage finished yakking about whatever nonsense the two of them were yakking about. These not-quite-people (“NQP”) really need to be relieved of their duties. I have ordered the transcript: I suspect you will be mortified. (I am now posting the transcript order form in the Legal Resources section where development is ongoing.)
      • Here is an indication of the how these “professionals” operate: they ignore the law and victimize citizens. (see definition of terrorist activities) in the Criminal Code of Canada. These “people” appear to have absolutely no conscience or fear of consequences. (See Resources > Understanding Predators) They ignore evidence and schedule the next court appearance without any attempt to acknowledge justice. Judge salaries, prosecutor salaries, amicus salaries, court clerks, filing, heat, hydro and utilities, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. So, how much does 161 Elgin Street cost and why are we not using this valuable real estate to attract tourists to this capital of Canada? I think we should situate these narcissists elsewhere, don’t you? What about the police station? The Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre?

Where can we, ahem, place this Group? There must be somewhere cheaper where they could all run around in their uniforms and black robes and be happy: ideas?

When I first saw this as a meme in 2014, it was pretty clear to me what it meant. Terrifying.

February 24-26, 2020

  • Here is the 20200225 amended Application which seeks 40 orders from the Superior Court of Justice. 
      • Here is the Bail Review Application.
        • Here are exhibits A to H.
        • Here is exhibit I.
        • Here are exhibits J to X.
        • Here are exhibits Y to AE.

    Official transcripts from bail-related hearings: July 27, 2019,October 30, 2019, November 8, 2019 and January 31, 2020 is not available due to current publication ban.

        • Not available is the Ontario Court of Justice Criminal file number 0411-998-20-A8684 (under publication ban).
        • Here is the Superior Court of Justice Criminal file number 19-RD18130.
        • Here is the 19-RD18130 Crown Disclosure (audio/visual).
        • Here is the 19-RD18130 Crown Disclosure (documentation).
        • Coming soon is the Accused’s disclosure provided to the Crown since July 2019.
        • Coming soon is the CAS file number FC-19-CP000008.
        • Here is the Divorce file number FC-15-2446.
        • Here is the 20181231 Submission to Justice Engelking.

February 13-16, 2020

  • Here is the 20200213 11:35 a.m. e-mail to Mr. Savage, cc Mr. Holowka regarding:
    • Availability of disclosure re: 20200228 arrest
    • Outstanding request to confirm date/time of my Application seeking:
      • that the 20200109 Court Order be amended to reflect the fact that I requested the court-ordered psychiatric assessment to refute Crown’s character assassination which ignores an abundance of evidence in its possession; it was not ordered due to any “reasonable grounds
      • that the court permit me change my counsel
      • that a trial date be set— that nearly seven months following my arrest I am trapped in SCJ limbo with no trial date set to prove my innocence and end this nonsense is inexcusable
      • that my bail conditions be revised so that I may enjoy supervised access to my two children who are currently being solely cared for by a wickedly, abusive father who orchestrated the complete removal of me from their lives multiple times since 2013
      • to be added: that Malcolm Savage be removed as the assigned Crown Prosecutor
    • Copy of my Notice of Application e-mailed to Mr. Savage and Mr. Addelman is here.
  • Here is the 20200213 1:47 p.m. e-mail to Mr. Savage, cc Mr. Holowka regarding:
    • Availability of disclosure re: 20200228 arrest
    • Accommodation by court of my request for a publication ban re: 20200128 arrest 
  • Here is the 20200213 6:48 p.m. e-mail to Mr. Savage, cc Mr. Holowka re: violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Here is the 20200215 12:06 p.m. e-mail to Mr. Savage, cc Mr. Holowka regarding:
    • An appointment to view the recording of my 20190726 interview with Detective Alex Kirady
    • A reminder that I require the Crown’s witness list as soon as possible
    • A reminder that I believe he has contravened section 127(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada
  • Here is the 20200216 8:03 a.m. e-mail to Mr. Savage, cc Mr. Holowka regarding the rationale for denying consent to change in bail conditions to permit supervised access to my children
    • My current bail conditions are detailed here.
    • My 20200213 request for consent from the Crown is here.
    • Evidence that complainant, children’s father, is a pathological liar is here.
    • Copy of e-mail from CAS lawyer Tara MacDougall is here.
    • Excerpt from 2018 report from the Office of the Children’s Lawyer is here.
    • Excerpt from divorce file specifying some of the damages I am permitted to seek is here.
    • Precedent-setting decision permitting me to seek damages for violations of the Criminal Code of Canada and civil law in Family Court is here.