Queen v. Deirdre Moore

Judicial Pre-Trial heard on September 11, 2020 at 3:30 p.m.

– September 22, 2020 10:00 a.m. (2 hours) Bail Review
– September 25, 2020 10:00 a.m. (half-day) Amicus appointment + argue that I should have access to the psychiatric report that I volunteered for (Savage has a copy but one was never sent to me and for some reason no one wants me to see it … as if I haven’t seen a completely invalid psych report before; not that I am saying the Royal produced one. Either way, I will find it interesting. It was written in May … before I restructured the website to make evidence more accessible.)
– Application to have Savage removed as Crown counsel: denied; however, I can ask again on September 22nd and on September 25th.
– 5-day Trial: not scheduled (Judge suggested that it may take longer: upon reflection, I believe her Honour to be correct. If I am going to expose these beasts enough to lead to their ultimate conviction after a trial then I may need significantly more time. (I wonder how many witnesses I will be permitted to subpeona … read: new issue to expose > trial fairness and ability to pay for sequestering witnesses as complainant refuses to pay financial support and SCJ judges participate in covert fraud with same.)
– Order to produce psych report directly from the Royal: denied
– Order to produce CPIC report to show that there was never any warrant for arrest or criminal harassment charges on 20190727 (to more easily prove false testimony of OPS staff): denied (As advised by Niagara Regional Police I will pursue same via Freedom of Information Act
– Savage’s request that all matters be held in person (forcing my to return to Ottawa where my children are again put at risk as Kiska attempts to frame me for some wicked crime) was denied. Hearings to be held by ZOOM until trial.
– Savage denied my re-election of a trial-by-judge-only to a trial-by-judge-and-jury. Why oh why, I wonder, does Savage not want a jury? With how many judges is he in bed with and, more importantly, with how much confidence can he manipulate the trial schedule? 100% perhaps? (I think I will write to Justice Kevin B. Phillips to see if he can use his broad judicial powers to deny Savage’s ability to refuse my re-election.)

AUDIO RECORDING OF THE HEARING (01:26:27) with evidence that Crown prosecutor Malcolm Savage continues his usual course of unwarranted persecution, etcetera with ZERO acknowledgement that he is doing anything wrong. NADA-ZIP-NONE

My requests included:

  1. Crown prosecutor Malcolm Savage be replaced by someone who:

    By definition, this excludes Moiz Karimjee, Vivian-Lee Stewart, Michael Boyce, John Ramsay, Brian Holowka and one other whom has already attended of the 19 scandalous hearings.

  2. A re-election from a trial by judge only to a trial by jury and judge due to the abundance of evidence that Ottawa’s Superior Court of Justice judges disobey statutes and ignore evidence in order to rule against Moore as indicated throughout files FC-15-2246, FC-19-CP08 and Moore’s criminal matters to date.
  3. A vetrovec warning for complainant/witness/undiagnosed sociopath Jonathan Kiska due to the undeniable facts that:
  4. A vetrovec warning for several OPS witnesses should the Crown choose to produce them including, but not limited to, Constable Lisa Beaucage (http://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/000124KJ_20200911_1530_JPT_Crown-Witnesses_Vetrovec-Warning_OPS-Constable-Lisa-Beaucage_Unreliable_False-information-re-Break-and-Enter-re-Criminal-Harassment_SAQOTU.pdf), Detective Alex Kirady (http://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/000124KJ_20200911_1530_JPT_Crown-Witnesses_Vetrovec-Warning_Detective-Alex-Kirady_Unreliable_False-information_Defamation_Ignored-Evidence-on-person_Ignored-COPLOGIC_SAQOTU.pdf) and Detective Jean Benoit due to their dishonesty, conduct and glaring inconsistencies.
  5. An order for the Royal Ottawa to produce to me directly a copy of its 2020 psychiatric assessment which was court-ordered as a result of my voluntary request as advised by my former defence attorney, Joseph Addelman (now released due to his horrific representation)
  6. An order for a police force other that Ottawa Police Services to produce the CPIC report on Moore.
  7. If not fully acquitted, an order that mitigating factors be considered prior to sentencing.

*The 2016 Interim Shared Parenting Agreement (http://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/00jx_20161213_Interim-Shared-Parenting-Agreement_Bell-Baker_Wade-Smith_Victor-Ages-Vallance_Michele-Blais_Mediator_Carol-Bartels_SAQOTU_Andee-White_Deirdre-Moore.pdf) is the only document that provided to John Kiska interim sole possession of the matrimonial home and this agreement was effectively terminated the moment that Sean and Cate were illegally removed from Moore’s well-appointed rental property.