Queen v. Deirdre Moore

Crown Amicus Curiae Appointment Application to be heard on September 25, 2020 at 10:00 – 12:00 & 14:00 – 16:00


AUDIO RECORDING OF THE HEARING (xx:xx:xx) with evidence that Crown prosecutor Malcolm Savage continues his usual course of perjury, criminal defamation and unwarranted persecution, etcetera with ZERO acknowledgement that he is doing anything wrong.

My court submission:

  1. Savage’s smoke and mirrors persecution of me
  2. Vetrovec Warning 
  3. Malicious obfuscation of mental health issues
    • ALL nervous breakdowns were due to severe emotional and psychological abuse by the complainant
    • Diagnosis was corrected in 2015 by Dr. Gary Kay
    • Zero evidence of mania or depression required for a bi-polar diagnosis: complainant simply lied to psychiatrists to cover his tracks.

Savage’s Court submission:

  1. Savage’s Application, where he fails to state at paragraph 1 that my first charge—which led to the fabrication of the other six—was my violation of an illegally-obtained court order for lawful reasons (5 pages)
  2. Savage’s Draft Order to appoint Meaghan McManus as Amicus Curiae (3 pages)
    • Does she realize that she is being set up for civil and criminal liability unless she recommends that my charges are dropped and Savage is apprehended?
  3. Savage’s support documents 

*The 40-minute audio recording of the interview which is far more accurate and revealing is available: here) .

**The 2016 Interim Shared Parenting Agreement (http://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/00jx_20161213_Interim-Shared-Parenting-Agreement_Bell-Baker_Wade-Smith_Victor-Ages-Vallance_Michele-Blais_Mediator_Carol-Bartels_SAQOTU_Andee-White_Deirdre-Moore.pdf) is the only document that provided to John Kiska interim sole possession of the matrimonial home and this agreement was effectively terminated the moment that Sean and Cate were illegally removed from my well-appointed rental property.