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Sean May 8, 2006 pfi.ROCKS Learning!   May 8, 2020

Hello everyone, I love everything … except for that which I do not: sometimes, it takes some time for me to understand whether or not I love something. For this reason, I believe that we need to launch www.pfi.ROCKS/understanding/. Several thoughts on topics which with we require understanding include:
– Music
– Poetry
– Creative writing
– Art (and not just drawing/painting)
– Strength training (and how to NOT hurt yourself by doing it wrong)
– Yoga (and how to NOT hurt yourself by doing it wrong)
– Nutrition
– Health
– Learning!!!
– etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

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Cate November 30, 2007 pfi.ROCKS Overwatch!   May 8, 2020

Hello everyone, it is difficult to know where to start: my childhood has been action-packed.
– I babbled as an infant and was speaking with words, appropriate tone and body language by the age of 1 1/2: this is why I was targeted so young. The first GSI-mal member to identify me was the Director of my brother’s nursery school.
– I hate being forced to go to kindergarten when I was still only three years old: I was totally traumatized as the teachers literally ripped me from my mother’s arms while they re-assured her that “everything would be fine”.
– By the age of six, I was ahead of my peers in language skills and enjoyed performing on stage.
– In 2013, however, my mum realized that my dad did not really love any of us. She wanted to get a divorce and then … all Hell broke loose.
– She had a couple of nervous breakdowns but my dad lied to everybody about what was going on so she was labelled “mentally ill”.
– Noteworthy: Every single best friend that I made in school, moved the following year so I was always trying to find a new friend. (This is one of the ways that GSI-mal affects the confidence of its Targeted Individuals (“TI”s) By the age of 8, [insert name] had latched on to me.

– and then, they took away my mother. (Fully, completely; (insert to Gordon Downey (Tragically Hip video); I have not been permitted to communicate with my mummy since February 2019. Ontario has found a way to criminalize loving parenting. Congratulations Doug Downey (sarcasm): I hope that you get the retirement that you truly deserve.

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