Birthday Cakes for my Beauties

Once I found the recipe for Ghost-pleasing Chocolate Cake in this story book, it was the only chocolate cake that I ever made. This recipe has never failed me and everyone LOVES our birthday cakes. A copy of the recipe is here. (English)

Une fois que j’ai trouvé la recette de Ghost-agréable gâteau au chocolat dans ce livre d’histoire, c’était le seul gâteau au chocolat que j’ai jamais fait. Cette recette ne m’a jamais manqué et tout le monde aime nos gâteaux d’anniversaire. Une copie de la recette est içi. (French)

Una vez que encontré la receta de Pastel de Chocolate que agradecía fantasmas en este libro de cuentos, era el único pastel de chocolate que había hecho. Esta receta nunca me ha fallado y a todo el mundo le encantan nuestros pasteles de cumpleaños. Una copia de la receta está aquí. (Spanish)


codes for symbols / codes pour les symbols / códigos para símbolos

Spanish / l’Espagnol / lengua española
French / le Français / Idioma francés

*I am only learning French and Spanish; therefore, my vocabulary, spelling, grammar, pronunciation, etcetera may be incorrect.



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Sean’s Cake in 2007 as he turned 1

Trying to be healthy, Sean’s birthday cake was a carrot cake when he turned one.

Sean’ Cake in 2008 as he turned 2

With Cate only six month’s old, me working part-time and making all of our food from scratch, Sean had to settle for a store-bought, ice cream cake this year. Fortunately, he was not too upset about it because there was a Thomas the Tank Engine on the top of the cake.

My children LOVED books …

… but they had a real problem with how we stored them as recorded here. To this day, I have no idea why they objected to bookshelves: was it having the words on the spine reading vertically versus horizontally that bothered them? I have no idea: mummy just got used to tidying up at the end of the day.

Cate’s Cake in 2008 as she turned 1

Everybody loves my carrot cake: someone once called it “The Best in Ottawa”. So, Cate also enjoyed a carrot cake for her 1st birthday, too. She definitely knew that she was turning one as shown here. The recipe for the carrot cake, which I transitioned into a “healthier” version from one that I found online, is here.

Sean’s Cake in 2009 as he turned 3

Sean was thrilled with my first attempt at a “3-D” cake using a train pan.

Cate’s Cake in 2009 as she turned 2

We did make a cake as evidenced by this video here; however, I do not seem to have a picture of it. This is a picture of the cake that was used for the “family” party that always followed our massive children-with-parents party that always occurred between 10:00 and 2:00. (Rightly or wrongly, I wanted to give you “the best day ever” by hosting two elaborate birthday parties and working in nap time for recovery so that you could remember your birthdays as being totally awesome.)

Sean’s Homemade Wall-E Cake in 2011 as he turned 5

Sean turning 5 …

Cate’s Homemade Dora Cake in 2011 as she turned 4

Cate turning 4 …

Sean’s Cake in 2012 as he turned 6

Sean turning 6 …

Cate’s Cake in 2012 as she turned 5

Cate turning 5 … 

I did not bake a cake for Sean in 2013 …

His biological father abused me into a state of psychosis, perpetuated the gaslighting by lying to psychiatrists and I missed his birthday because I was forced to remain in a psychiatric ward for SIX WEEKS until I agreed to ingest lithium daily in order to treat bipolar disorder; a disease which I did not have.

Cate’s Cake in 2013 as she turned 6

Cate turning 6 … 

I did not bake a cake for Sean in 2014 …

His biological father abused me into a state of psychosis, perpetuated the gaslighting by lying to psychiatrists and I missed his birthday because I was forced to remain in a psychiatric ward for NINE WEEKS until I agreed to ingest lithium daily in order to treat bipolar disorder; a disease which I did not have.

Cate’s Cake in 2014 as she turned 7

The photos have been deleted from my November 2014 folder: the only photos there are three that were taken by a women who posed as a friend as my children were growing up but who, I am fairly certain, is a member of the technology-assisted stalking and harassment group (as is her husband). 

Sean’s Cake in 2015 as he turned 9

This year’s them was video games: I was grateful when he was happy with my version of PacMan versus insisting on my attempt to create some version of a 3-dimensional Nintendo game.

2016 Christmas Cookies

When one is a target of a technology-assisted stalking and harassment campaign, one loses a lot of files: photos seem to be one of their favourite things to destroy … or hide. Many files are deleted, but some are just renamed and moved so you cannot find them. Accordingly, until I locate my photograph of Cate’s birthday cake when she turned nine years old, our homemade Christmas cookies will have to suffice.

Cate’s Cake in 2018 at she turned 11

It was shortly after this birthday that I did everything possible to try to get some counselling for her; however, even though I ensured that the clause was written into the Interim Shared Parenting Agreement (viewable here, her biological father refused. His lawyer, Wade Smith, ignored my requests. Lawyer-recommended counsellor, Nadine Crowley, suddenly “scaled down her practice”. She received my pleas for help here,as evidenced by the delivery receipt _, but chose to ignore the evidence and permit the abuse of my children and me to continue. Child psychologist, Dr. Adrienne Matheson, simply refused to acknowledge correspondence shortly after her school-suggested “private assessment” of Cate was complete.

More about 2018, later

Coming soon. Meeting parents who just keep popping up and love to use the phrase “face two face”, as they feed the human trafficking pipeline in Ottawa.

Family businesses, I believe their modus operandi is to destroy a young girl’s self-confidence by pretending to befriend her and then continuously rejecting her; thus, setting her up for failure be it leaving home, quitting school*, getting arrested, getting pregnant, shoplifting, etcetera, etcetera etcetera.

The same is being done with the boys: these families are designed to target talented children and, over the years, destroy them.

(It is not as if they have gone unnoticed; however, there was little that I could do. So, I studied them each and every time they entered my home. There was a movie done about this type of sociopath. I will try to find it; however, I believe it may have been called “The Joneses” with Demi Moore and David Duchovny. They would move from town to town to … )

*I am conflicted about “quitting school” as being a negative: I believe that quitting school with the support of loving, caring, capable parents may not necessarily be the worst idea out there.