Halloween Costumes for my Beauties

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Sean as Thomas the Tank Engine in 2008

Sean loved trains, so I made him this costume using 3-D foam board*, masking tape, paint, fabric, clips

Exacto knife, cutting board, paint brush, scissors, marker.

From the closet: t-shirt, overalls

From the store: Engineer’s Hat

*the foam board was leftover from the renovations. Frustrated by designers, I built a 3-D foam board model of our home (to scale, 1 foot to one inch) before deciding on the final floor plan for the open concept kitchen, dining room, living room. I would have done it differently after living in it for the eight years that I did. Without wall, it was impossible to achieve a sense of warmth and coziness. If we decide to keep that house, I will definitely be putting some walls back up with art and bookshelves—as well as tapestry (versus window “treatments” which I find cold and clinical).

Cate as Mummy in 2008

Cate loved being a mummy; therefore, her costume was easy as shown here as she helped me in the kitchen at the age of 10 1/2 months.

Cate as a Genie in 2010

Sean as a Pirate in 2010