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May 25, 2020

Today’s minutes—of pfi.ROCKS Enterprise!—are dedicated to Tom Petty, one of our artists lost.

We miss you. (English)

Les procès-verbaux d’aujourd’hui—de pfi.ROCKS Enterprise!—sont dédiés à Tom Petty, un de nos artistes perdus.

Vous nous manques. (French)

Los minutos de hoy—de pfi.ROCKS Enterprise!—están dedicados a Tom Petty, uno de nuestros artistas perdidos.

Usted echamos de menos (Spanish)

codes for symbols / codes pour les symbols / códigos para símbolos

Spanish / l’Espagnol / lengua española
French / le Français / Idioma francés

*I am only learning French and Spanish; therefore, my vocabulary, spelling, grammar, pronunciation, etcetera may be incorrect.


08:00 pfi.ROCKS Puzzles! with Anagram #3

08:00 What the heck is going on at Wayne State University’s Department of philosohy?

08:00 To Eric Hiddleston

08:00 Dear Tom Petty

08:00 Love you, Babe

09:00 Cinnamon, sticks

09:00 Dear David Cassidy

10:00 Wheat

10:00 Coming Soon: pfi.ROCKS Word of the Day!

11:00 Hay

11:00 Dear Outkast

12:01 May 25-31, 2020 (Business)

16:00 Acrylic Paint, pink

16:00 Dear Jessica Simpson

17:00 Bourbon

17:00 Coming Soon: pfi.ROCKS Puzzles! Ill-Eagle Hockey Pools #1 Bell Baker LLP

18:00 Dear Green Day

18:00 Ill Eagles

18:00 Dear Eagles

19:00 Dear Steve Miller Band

20:24 Pigs (three different ones)

20:24 Dear Pink Floyd