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July 1, 2020

08:40 Happy Canada Day!

08:46 Affidavit against The Group

08:53 Canadian Bankers

09:00 Organized Stalking & Harassment

09:03 pfi.ROCKS Exposing! Level 4, Group 1 Sociopath 20-20 Plan (United States)

09:04 Highway to Hell (Canada, Ontario)

09:05 Coming Soon: pfi.ROCKS Civil Actions!

09:20 Ontario’s SCJ Family Court Branch (aka, abuse children and loving parents while kissing taxpayer dollars goodbye)

09:22 A Forum (note that I have not vetted this forum: please proceed with caution)

12:11 pfi.ROCKS Food!

12:36 pfi.ROCKS Opinions!

12:36 Work-in-progress Affidavit re: Wade Smith, the family law lawyer representing my sociopathic spouse, assisted by Christine Hammond and partner with Bell Baker LLP.

14:26 Work-in-progress Affidavit re: Tara MacDougall, the lawyer representing terrorist organization, Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa who currently worked with Prosecutor Vivian-Lee Stewart of Ottawa’s Crown Attorney’s Office.

14:26 Work-in-progress Affidavit re: Gonen Snir, my family law lawyer who has done nothing but assist John Kiska, Wade Smith and the CAS … unless you count the time that he attempted to STEAL my support cheques! (This is in addition to his actual crimes of criminal defamation, crimes related to false affidavits, etcetera.

14:26 Work-in-progress Affidavit re: John Kiska (page not yet complete)

16:38 To KPMG

16:40 To Liz Wheeler

16:42 To Graham Ledger: even when you are wrong, you are “Right” … but, you are still so, so WRONG. Please go away.

17:00 Coming Soon: pfi.ROCKS “New-Age” Skimming (Part I)

17:20 Blue Chip… stalks.

17:40 Dear GSI

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Today’s minutes—of pfi.ROCKS Enterprise!—are dedicated to my beautiful children, Sean and Cate, who will be deprived from one of my homemade Canada Day T-shirts for the second year in a row. Some of the T-shirts that I made for them in the past are viewable here. (These were one of their childhood items that I had intended to save for them; however, they were all stolen from me in 2016 by either their biological father or one of his Group associates. If they are not returned to us, I intend to remake all of them.)