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July 4, 2020

08:00 Coming soon: pfi.ROCKS exposes Skim Scam! (the fraud being executed by employees at Via Rail Canada)

10:00 Case Law regarding Retaliatory Manoeuvres (for use against abusive spouses during divorce)

Affidavit: J.A. Parfett

Affidavit: Julie Audet

11:06 Engelking, updated child file of family page

12:00 Skim Scam, the fraud being executed by employees at Via Rail Canada

13:00 Dusting off pfi.ROCKS Investing!

13:10 Dusting off pfi.ROCKS Commodities II!

13:20 Candy, Cuban

13:30 Gelato, Italian

13:35 Gelato, Mexican

13:40 Pizza Cheese, Mexican

14:00 Coming Soon: pfi.ROCKS the Dairy Industry!

14:00 Let’s Talk About environmental sabotage via excessive refrigeration and transportation costs, for starters. (NTS: Canada’s Food Guide, Marketing Boards, Collusion and the CPI)

14:20 Maplel Syrup, Canadian (please note that I do not necessarily agree with the nationalistic definition of these commodities. By definition, a commodity is strictly defined; however, so many native resources have been reproduced to the point of “$%&)@$&#?” that no one is in any position to differentiate a commodity from a product—global insanity persists, and it provides no basis for any reasonable global economy.

14:30 Theatrical Mask, Rubber (the face of a sociopath, available for sale in time for Halloween 20201031)

14:40 Honorary Doctorates in Effective Communication? Wayne State University, do you award those??

16:20 Dear Orelson

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Today’s minutes—of pfi.ROCKS Enterprise!—are dedicated to Twitter Inc. which has announced its commitment to remove racism-based language—such as blacklist, whitelist, master and slave—from its code.