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July 13, 2020

20200711 06:03 e-mail to Deborah Souder regarding her Tampering with Evidence (change in title to e-mail thread to C.A.S. and V.M. and J.K., which is not the name of the file) as well as anticipated duration of crooked CAS lawyer Tara MacDougall‘s “leave”. (Perhaps, she wants to spend some extra time with her children before she is arrested and denied bail.

10:25 20200713 10:16 e-mail to Deborah Souder (cc’d to the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada) in response to her attempt to remain wilfully blind of the wicked financial, emotional and psychological abuse by the man, John Kiska, to whom she is attempting to deliver sole custody and access of Sean (14) and Cate (12). (Note that the financial support that was calculated ($7,763) is viewable here and Kiska stopped paying his fraudulently-acquired, below-poverty-level, court-ordered $1,230 spousal support five months ago.

18:01 Coming soon: pfi.ROCKS exposes another GSI-infested Communication Platform: (Justin Roiland )

18:01 Another example of Technology-assisted Stalking and Harassment (“ TASH “) arrived this morning at 8:54 a.m. following yesterday’s blitz. There were several, however, this one was so obvious that I felt it would serve as a good example on how to recognize “anonymous” e-mails : designed to evoke one or more emotions:
Key words: My Love, Hey, Dear, agent, henry, william, “[hard return] + photos”, jonathan and 993
Emotions to be invoked: confusion, longing and fear.

I will explain the TASH strategy more when I develop the section but basically (1) the e-mail content is nonsense (2) the link may be malware so I would never click on it and (3) the stalking/harassing messaging is scattered throughout.

Kiska knows that I will analyze some of these because this was one of the ways that he used to gaslight me. Now that the gaslighting no longer works, the same approach is being used to stalk/harass me. It starts with “My Love”, which is what sociopath John Kiska used to always call me. Next, “Hey”, “Dear”, “Miss” are intentionally chosen to represent different individuals whom have assisted him in my demise.

Then, “agent”, “henry” and “william” are all references to Jack White; his James Bond song “Another Way to Die”, his son Henry and the fact that he is the benefactor, etcetera of my Will and holds my Powers of Attorney (an online copy of which is viewable here. Either I was supposed to believe that the e-mail was from Jack or I was supposed to believe that Jack is now working with Kiska against me or it is a threat against Henry: regardless, the intention is to confuse me, create doubt or fear for Henry’s life so I had better stop exposing him, his associates and GSI. Well, that entire section was an epic fail because Kiska can no longer confuse me, I will never doubt the integrity and purity of Jack White and I have had my own children threatened by Kiska for years. (This is one of a GSI sociopath’s favourite sports. I have received 100’s of these e-mails and most do not receive this much of my time. There is likely more messaging in this one but I am busy doing other things.)

Next, the fear. I was roofied one night by someone* at Prime Burger on Fisher Avenue who “spiked” my last glass of wine which came with the bill. While I made it home ok (I lived just a few blocks away), I could barely walk the next day. Something had been done to my left knee. I was very fit so it had nothing to do with me: someone(s) was in my house while I “slept”. For months afterwards there was a lot of TASH messaging about cancer, AIDS, etcetera so I was supposed to become worried that I had been injected with some virus. Anyhow, who knows what they did to me … but the “[hard return] + pictures” part of the e-mail is a threat that he has pictures of ?something incriminating? (He used to play tennis, so when the text erroneously jumps to the next line, that is his way of saying that my blitz from yesterday was a “hard serve” and he has a “hard return”. Trust me, I did not intentionally learn his twisted approach to communication.) Anyhow, I have been recorded six ways from Sunday for years; therefore, the threat is fairly useless and simply proves the degree to which I have been terrorized by this beast. In fact, once I was aware of the 24/7 surveillance, I intentionally did things with the hope of coercing their usage of any footage.

Finally, his formal first name, jonathan, is used as is “21” (9+9+3=21). Throughout his “communication” over the past 4 1/2 years are references to card games: trump, Bauers, “21”, etcetera. It appears that he continues to believe that he will somehow escape that which is headed his way.

For anyone new to this site, this is the best article that I have found on  organized stalking and I have experienced 99% of the strategies discussed: everything but the e-waves.

19:00 Word of the Day:  CANT (I learned of this word last summer on an AmTrak train from a benevolent GSI who joined me for breakfast. I do not recall his name but he wrote fiction and we had a great debate about whether or not writing/printing was an obsolete skill. I am sure glad I knew how to use a pencil when I was in prison!)
19:00 To Early American Crime
20:06 Wintersmiths’ Ice
23:12 Article re-print: The City of Ottawa’s brazen power play by Bruce Deachman

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