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July 14, 2020

Brought forward from July 13th || 10:16 e-mail to Deborah Souder (cc’d to the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada) in response to her attempt to remain wilfully blind of the wicked financial, emotional and psychological abuse by the man, John Kiska, to whom she is attempting to deliver sole custody and access of Sean (14) and Cate (12). (Note that the financial support that was calculated ($7,763) is viewable here and Kiska stopped paying his fraudulently-acquired, below-poverty-level, court-ordered $1,230 spousal support five months ago.

06:46 Coming soon: pfi.ROCKS Opinions! “Celebrating companies which have made a commitment to remove racism-based language from their businesses”, an article by Andeé Sea Cae Jak.

06:46 Coming soon: pfi.ROCKS exposes the exploitation of individuals whom have been deemed “developmentally-challenged”

07:01 20200714 05:41 e-mail to Community Living Cambridge regarding consideration of my application for its Manager Workforce Planning (I met part of Ottawa’s workforce whom were housed in The Ottawa Hospital’s Psychiatric Ward in 2014: one, in particular, was one of the sweetest men that I have ever met.

07:01 Dear Orlando Bloom

09:01 Coming Soon: pfi.ROCKS exposing TASH!

10:00 TASH Sample #1: staged photo, eye diversion, linked device (2014)

10:00 TASH Sample #2: 24/7 surveillance enables stalker to prepare for instant feedback via bluetooth technology (2017)

10:00 July 14 00:24 Follow-Up e-mail to BitterSweetSpirit

10:00 TGOY

10:25 African Daisies?

10:27 Poppies?

10:30 Bouquet.

11:00 Coming soon: the entire legal file of the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa 

12:50 20200714 12:47 e-mail to lawyer Wade Smith regarding support that is five months overdue, the value of the matrimonial home and consent for an amended Answer in order to avoid a costly Motion. (Note that Wade Smith does not actually respond with anything useful: he lies, delays, ignores and attempts to distract. He has been doing this since 2016: it is for this reason that it will be so easy to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, his guilt with respect to Fraud, Accessory after the fact, etcetera. Also, he is well aware that I am documenting this behaviour online but he does not care. He knows that he is committing crime. There is nothing that I am doing of which he is unaware; yet, his behaviour remains exactly the same. The man has zero (insert appropriate terms). The attachments were:

  • My 20200630 e-mail to him regrading overdue support,
  • My 20200626 updated Form 13.1 Financial Statement which indicates that I am finally impecunious following years of Bad Faith and financial abuse and
  • My 20191105 08:53 e-mail to him asking if there is any chance that he would consent to an amended Amended Answer (now that I have a ton of evidence of Fraud) or if he will insist upon yet another costly Motion It was no surprise that he is insisting on another Motion.

13:40 20200714 1:34 p.m. e-mail to CAS lawyer, Deborah Souder, regarding multiple important outstanding questions which continue to remain unanswered (cc’d to the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee and the Ministry of the Attorney General). This e-mail contained three other emails:

  • 20200709 12:00 e-mail to James Law cc’d to Group regarding my need to act as agent for Gonen Snir whom is nothing more than a con artist assisting the CAS.
  • 20200714 08:42 e-mail from Deborah Souder stating that she refuses to co-operate in any manner even though she has knowledge that Gonen Snir has not represented me for months and that multiple CAS employees are blatant criminals whom have colluded with John Kiska to abuse my children and me for years.
  • 20200529 18:40 e-mail to Malcolm Savage regarding my sequestering of judges Engelking, Audet and Shelston to my criminal trial, if any, in order to testify regarding the years of wicked abused by complainant, John Kiska, which My children and me have endured.

Also important, was my request for documentation regarding sociopath Mohammed Said acting as agent for the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa or Tara MacDougall when he signed the Application on February 5, 2019 as evidenced in  scandalous “child protection” file FC-19-CP-08 within which multiple judges and taxpayer-funded lawyers have participated.

15:11 20200714 3:03 p.m. e-mail* to Criminal Prosecutor Malcolm Savage regarding the fact that all criminal charges have NO merit and that he should be, at a minimum, relieved of his duties (cc’d to the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee and the Ministry of the Attorney General). This e-mail contained multiple attachments including:

* Note that this e-mail print-out evidences that my e-mails to both CAS worker Mohammed Said and his supervisor Kelly White are not being delivered. This has been the case for months; meanwhile, CAS Executive Director Kristin Moir has the nerve to claim she has no knowledge of our file—a blatant lie—and that I would have “better luck” e-mailing Said or White.

16:12 Coming soon: pfi.ROCKS Investing! 20200714 e-mail to research firm Refinitiv

17:40 draft article || pfi.ROCKS Entertainment! “Exposing YouTube’s Wicked, Long-term Plan for the Musical Artists whom built its company”, another article by Andeé Sea Cae Jak.

18:00 pfi.ROCKS Reviews! Just In Time

19:15 Dear Raven and Kreyn

19:xx Dear Raconteurs

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Today’s minutes—of pfi.ROCKS Enterprise!—are dedicated to the those whom are committed to defunding the Children’s Aid Societies throughout Ontario and participating in the recovery of our abused babies, children, youth, teens, young adults and loving parents.