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July 15, 2020

Brought forward from July 13th || 10:16 e-mail to Deborah Souder (cc’d to the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada) in response to her attempt to remain wilfully blind of the wicked financial, emotional and psychological abuse by the man, John Kiska, to whom she is attempting to deliver sole custody and access of Sean (14) and Cate (12). (Note that the financial support that was calculated ($7,763) is viewable here and Kiska stopped paying his fraudulently-acquired, below-poverty-level, court-ordered $1,230 spousal support five months ago.

07:01 TASH Sample #3: “reaction” on Social Media (2019)

07:10 TASH Sample #4: E-transfer Games so that stalker/harasser can remain “top-of-mind”

21:41 Robert Rodriguez I

21:41 Robert Rodriguez II

22:00 Hammer Time

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Today’s minutes—of pfi.ROCKS Enterprise!—are dedicated to my beautiful son Sean, whom I hope to have back in my arms long before his next birthday.