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July 16, 2020

Dear Suzanne Collins.

Dear Boston

Dear Angelina Jolie

07:45 pfi.ROCKS Puzzles & Fun! Anagram #3: Why did the university professor retire?

14:45 Coming Soon: pfi.ROCKS exposing The Webmaster Redirect The Webmaster Redirect! Yet another employee-devised Fraud

15:07 To Judge Julie Audet, the woman who (on September 11, 2019) ignored 11 volumes of evidence against sociopathic spouse (who orchestrated my arrest) and scheduled both a Settlement Conference and a Summary Judgement to facilitate CAS Ottawa’s illegal Application to deliver my beautiful children to him on a silver platter while Prosecutor Malcolm Savage worked hard to ensure I could not get bail to defend myself against any of them.

15:28 To Brendan Benson

14:47 TMR

16:00 pfi.ROCKS Puzzles & Fun! Anagram #1

19:00 Dear Shweeeet!

19:40 Dear Dawn Wells

20:20 Dear Broken Social Scene

20:20 Dear Johnny Depp

20:20 Dear Feist

20:20 pfi.ROCKS Puzzles & Fun! Anagram #2

20:40 Dear Justin Beiber

20:40 Dear John Oliver

20:40 Dear Beyoncé

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Today’s minutes—of pfi.ROCKS Enterprise!—are dedicated to my beautiful daughter Cate, whom had each of her best friends move after one year of friendship since she was four years old, until (insert comment); like her brother Sean, the age of four is when the Group intensified its efforts to attack her self-confidence. (She was identified at Riverside Park Nursery School, like her brother, when we were dropping him off and she was only two: she shut down a fake executive director who said “Oh, don’t you look just like Cindy-lou Who!” with attitude by clearly stating “the name … is Cate.”