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July 25, 2020

14:14 How a 12/10 sociopath tosses out red herrings:

  • that she is a “psychopath”,
  • that she is something other than very harmful for society and
  • that she is deserving of compassion regardless of her inability to relate to human emotion (more about “Mask”)

Fascinating is the fact that this interview with a self-serving pathological liar has been captured in an interview. (They are truly so proud of themselves … devoid of emotional intellect. They truly believe that emotions are a weakness which is why they are incapable of evolving.) Or, …

14:21 … is she, like Sam Vaknin, a “sheep in wolf’s clothing”: a psychopath posing as a narcissist to raise awareness on the characteristics of sociopathy so that other psychopaths can …

14:41 recognize narcissists … which will emotionally prepare them for the fact that there is, indeed, a global infestation of …

14:50 … sociopaths (openly criticized, I refer to them as “Not Quite People” and I defy anyone who argues my definition: given my experience, evidence and motivation.) Go ahead: debate me. I invite you.

15:02 Coming Soon: Modern Day Media ——–>> Propaganda and Important Information of which we are deprived (by our sociopathic-run news services—the capitalist version of Chinese suppression?)

16:12 What is the value of an opinion of a trained psychologist/psychiatrist whom has only read books to gain its “knowledge”?

16:12 Dear John Travolta

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