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August 10, 2020

13:40 pfi.ROCKS Word of the Day!

13:40 Dear Steam

16:27 Yet another illegal endorsement prepared by an Ontario Superior Court of Justice Judge: this time, Pamela MacEachern as she illegally permits a malicious motion to be scheduled and ignores 11-volumes of evidence (plus my affidavits) to deny the scheduling of my legal motions; furthering ongoing emotional and financial abuse which is enabled by Ottawa’s Superior Court of Justice.

20:02 Dear Heart

20:02 A question about sociopathic behaviour posted to the Editor, Canadian Journal of Sociology

20:02 Dear Nazareth

23:12 Dear James and Bobby Purify

21:41 My 20200810 e-mail to sister Eileen Patricia Moore, accomplice, where I alert her to the fact that I am well aware of how Group utilizes IP addresses to manage their gang-stalking communications. The sample that I provided is here.

21:41 Dear Ella Fitzgerald

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