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August 12, 2020

From yesterday || My 13:39 follow-up e-mail to Inspector Dan Jones of the Edmonton Police with details about Gang-stalk International, a phrase I coined over a year ago, which included a link to my preliminary pfi.ROCKS Visitor Analysis!

08:17 Dear Beck

Please note that today’s pfi.ROCKS! Visitor Analysis has been delayed due to the need to address more nonsense from Ottawa’s Superior Court of Justice which seems to pride itself in harbouring criminal activity by both judges and lawyers. Noteworthy, however, is VERY disturbing information about Castlemore, Brampton, Ontario near the Gore Meadows Community Centre. Also, another “tip” regarding Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, London was received.

12:32 Mid-morning began with an e-mail to Ottawa’s Superior Court of Justice regarding the criminality of its endorsements as I attempt to secure a Motion date to have con-artist lawyer, Gonen Snir, removed from Record.

The attachments that I included were:

The law-breaking, defamatory, malicious Motion materials submitted by Snir have already been posted via pfi.ROCKS! Archives and are currently stored at pfi.ROCKS/snir/; however, for ease of reference, this was his:

I pointed out to the court why Snir’s materials were illegal over 10 weeks ago; however, despite this education, judiciary officials and their staff knowingly carry on as if they are guilty of nothing. Keep in mind that our tax dollars are paying for these individuals to run around in their black robes to commit crime and victimize innocent people (including children) EVERY DAY. Just imagine what the City of Ottawa could afford if they were brought to justice! And forced to pay for their own incarceration!

15:02 and 15:20 content has been removed: it is available upon request.

16:01 Dear Leonard Cohen

16:41 Coming Soon: Evidence regarding how sociopaths have great difficulty not announcing their plans for their intended prey: it makes them “feel” superior.

16:45 Dear Avril Lavigne

16:54 Dear Gwen Stefani

16:54 Bananas, organic

17:17 E-mail to my mother, Kathleen Marie Moore (neé Dunleavy) from Belfast, Northern Ireland whom refuses to assist me in any way despite all of the evidence with which she has been presented.

17:26 Dear Queen

17:35 Dear Jack White

17:35 To Brendan Benson

17:35 pfi.ROCKS Word of the Day!

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