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August 16, 2020

14:03 My 20200816 13:30 e-mail to the Kingston courthouse requesting that my 20200814 14:21 Notice of Motion be put on hold until I can complete my due diligence with respect to the Children’s Aid Society of Kingston, Ontario

14:03 My 20200815 13:08 e-mail to the Children’s Aid Society of Kingston regarding its process for receiving and assessing transferred files

14:03 My 20200816 1248 e-mail to the Faculty of Law at Queen’s University requesting a referral to a legal team and the location of a Women’s Shelter in Kingston, Ontario

14:03 Dear Ottawa Mens Centre: I have not had the time to extract the key components of this decision yet; however, I believe there to be some great material with respect to common CAS strategies that are not legal. (Algoma and Ottawa appear to use identical strategies to remove the loving parent(s) from the children’s lives. One can only wonder, is Algoma, Ontario a human-trafficking hub as well? I have another great decision which attacks Algoma’s illegal child apprehension somewhere. I shall try to find it.)

14:41 Dear Ottawa Mens Centre: Here is the FWARNING decision regarding illegal CAS child apprehension: citable content on this issue begins at paragraph 22

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