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August 26, 2020

Exactly two months ago today, still hiding in Alaska, USA, while team Engelking-Smith-Kiska-Savage-CAS-OCL-SNIR relentlessly pursued their ongoing emotional and financial abuse of me (and gaslighting of my children), I submitted my first urgent Notice of Motion which went to Judge Pamela MacEachern: she should be the easiest one to remove from the bench.

07:01 My affidavit to support the arrest and detention of Judge Pamela MacEachern is nearly complete.

07:01 To the rest of you listed at, please be patient as I am quite busy.

09:52 To the Mental Health Commission of Canada: I do not believe that you should be fully de-funded, like most Children’s Aid Societies throughout Ontario and  Ottawa’s Courthouse; just mostly defunded.

09:52 To all racists: what, specifically, is wrong with you?

12:58 Today’s 11:51 e-mail to partners in crime, OCL’s Debora Scholey and CAS’s Deborah Souder (perhaps they can share a cell together)

12:58 This morning’s 11:50 umpteenth request for SCJ-staffer James Law (whom is currently using the same Group delay/deflect/”err”/ignore techniques that were discussed way back in May 2020 here:

13:04 This afternoon’s e-mail to Ottawa criminal defence attorney, John Hale, regarding process when there is a shortage of law-abiding judges

15:00 And they attempt to claim that they do not travel in packs (that is, no collusion) Part I || my 14:18 e-mail to SCJ-Staffer James Law AGAIN requesting a copy of materials that were submitted to the court. (Team Smith-Souder-Scholey-Snir are playing games with multiple submissions, isolated vs. group e-mails and who-knows-what-else. E-mail permits them to play many games with service and evidence: the current system is vulnerable and useless if you are working with a group with zero ethics, sense of decency or humanity. In fact, I could argue that electronic-based evidence is so vulnerable that it should be tossed from every court of law.

15:00 And they attempt to claim that they do not travel in packs (i.e no collusion) Part II || my response to an e-mail from con-artist lawyer, Gonen Snir, two minutes later who must seriously believe that he is capable of gaslighting or influencing me in any way, shape or form (If this is not indicative of the fact that he would score off-the-charts in any test for so-called Anti-social Personality Disorder, then I do not know what is: fully delusional.)

19:00 As if he is not in enough trouble, now Gonen Snir is attempting to intimidate/threaten me with his indirect connection to gang via his accomplice: the defence attorney whom I fired in January, Joseph Addelman. Next, I expect he will try to get Addelman’s buddy, Crown Prosecutor Malcolm Savage to e-mail to me some nonsense about violating unlawful, illegally-obtained bail conditions following my false arrest and unlawful, anti-Charter imprisonment.

19:13 To Criminal Defence Attorney Joseph Addelman & Associates (You might want to hunger strike once you are incarcerated: it is the only way to get solitary confinement.)

22:36 Today’s online submission to Cabinet Minister Patty Hajdu regarding the inefficacy of the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

22:42 Coming Soon: Dear Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland.

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