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August 27, 2020

This afternoon from 3:00 to 4:45 p.m. (to be continued later) …____.

Events leading up to today’s illegally-scheduled, unlawful Motions are viewable here.

09:00 This morning’s 08:55 e-mail to the Red Cross which is responsible for ensuring the safety of those whom are currently in quarantine following their release

09:20 This morning’s 09:15 reply to CAS Belleville‘s “child protection worker”, Christine Duncan, whom did nothing but contact CAS Ottawa and provide to me incorrect legal instruction. This was exactly the same response from Lisa Villeneuve of CAS Kingston … a mere one hour drive away, along one of Ontario’s “Highway[s] to Hell”, the 401.

11:45 Assessment of CAS Sault Ste. Marie – Part I (20200824 14:08 || a 15:17 audio with both an incompetent lawyer and “child protection” intake worker Lindsay Spina

11:45 Assessment of CAS Sault Ste. Marie – Part II (20200827 11:32 || an e-mail reply to CAS Sault Ste. Marie’s “child protection worker”, Lindsay Spina, whom did nothing but contact CAS Ottawa and provide to me incorrect legal instruction. This was exactly the same response from Lisa Villeneuve of CAS Kingston and Christine Duncan of CAS Belleville … but in a border town, just across from Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa, Michigan, USA (more on how often I see the word “Chippewa” in pfi.ROCKS Visitor Analysis, later). Note that Spina could not resist sending to me another e-mail to confirm her participation in Group. Here is my response to Lindsay Spina’s second poor choice.

12:00 This morning’s 10:38 e-mail to new GSI-ben in Idaho, USA

13:22 20200825 11:31 E-mail from crooked lawyer, Wade Smith, who claims that crooked judge, Julie Audet, advised him to send to me a copy of his direct correspondence of who-knows-what to Ottawa’s sociopath-infested Superior Court of Justice (It had four attachments.)

  1. 13:42 Attachment #1: supposed case law with a title of “C.C. v. Children’s Aid Society of Toronto” … as an MS Word doc! The last time that I received a legal document in MS Word was from Laval Leclerc “white shirt” (Guard Supervisor) who edited the section “Flight from Peace Officer” from the Criminal Code of Canada so that it read that the maximum sentence for my alleged crime was something like 10 years in prison. However, he forgot to edit the back side which stated that Flight which caused bodily harm was subject to a fine of up to $5,000. When I called him out on the fact that he was fabricating his own Criminal Code, he tossed me out of his office. His name was Daniel DaVault and I could pick him out of a line-up.
  2. 26:35 Attachment #2 (cough, cough) The Representation of Mentally Incapable Parties and the Role of the Public Guardian and Trustee
  3. 26:35 Attachment #3 An almost completely indiscernable, chicken & egg exchange between Gonen Snir and OPGT’s Walter Kim … that Wade Smith felt was worth including as an ?exhibit?
  4. 26:35 Attachment #4 Another piece of case law: this time, a pdf document “Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton vs. M.N.” that I have not had time to verify against that which is available from a reliable source.

14:12 This afternoon’s 13:55 e-mail to James Law, cc-Kim, who have added Section 366(2) “Making false document” to their list of crimes (directly or indirectly) so that Said, Ibrahim, Smith, Kiska, Souder, MacDougall, Scholey, Snir, several OPS officers and Crown prosecutors and so many others will not feel so lonely.

14:12 Hurry, hurry.

15:00 Yesterday’s e-mail to partners at ForgetSmith LLP.

15:02 Today’s e-mail to partners at ForgetSmith LLP.

15:40 20200824 1624 E-mail from Gonen Snir to OPGT lawyer Walter Kim: “Moore is quite capable of representing herself”

16:29 Bizarre, undated, contradictory delivery receipts from ForgetSmith LLP … nearly 24 hours apart

16:37 20200827 13:55 Normal delivery receipt from ForgetSmith LLP regarding additional information provided: OPGT lawyer, Walter Kim, Making a false document, a violation of 366(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada.

17:00 Snir is out! He committed perjury for zero reason as I also wanted him out. The rest of them ALL committed perjury in an attempt to keep me ball & chained to Snir for tomorrow’s CAS Assignment Court and failed. How many counts of perjury is that for you now, Smith? Are we still in the double-digits?

18:25 Yet another e-mail to SCJ-Staffer James Law with simple questions and simple requests for materials that continue to remain unanswered

18:34 July 14? 2020.

18:43 Yet another e-mail to Bell Baker lawyer, Wade Smith, with simple questions that he clearly lacks the mental capacity to answer.

18:52 Over and over

19:00 Perfect Symphony

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