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August 28, 2020

00:02 To all Ontario Children’s Aid Societies: clearly, disassembling just one of you is no where near good enough.

00:11 Good Morning

“New-Age” Terrorists

“CAS Assignment Court”

in Ottawa’s Superior Court of Justice today at 9:30 a.m.

02:00 E-mail response to the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, thanking them for the contact information regarding service of pending Notice of Motion and Affidavit to have my family law matters transferred to the Toronto Courthouse.

08:53 Coming Soon: a letter of peaceful protest to the Honourable Ahmed Hussen

09:23 Participation information for this morning’s scandalous 9:30 a.m.CAS “Assignment Court”
SCJvirtual courtroom210 is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting:
Meeting ID: 694 997 1507
Passcode: 00210
Canada Toll-free 855 703 8985

09:30 ‘Twas the “Honourable” Tracy Engelking presiding. She is incapable of empathy, objectively assessing testimony/evidence or representing the Superior Court of Justice in any fair or just manner. Similar to some prison guards, police officers, Crown prosecutors and others, Engelking obviously feels that she is above the law. Consistent with a list of characteristics of (sociopathic behaviour) she has no fear of consequences. And, believe it or not, she stuck her tongue out at me. It was a thinly-veiled lick of her lips at the very beginning: seriously, they ALL do a weird tongue thing when they believe that they are about to screw you over. 100% certifiable.

  • Segment #1 Audio (04:40) Evidence that Engelking has a full roster and, therefore, multiple vicitms. Likely, there is an abundance of evidence that she is a serial offender; my children and me are neither her first nor her last victims.
  • Segment #2 Audio (11:05)____.
  • Segment #3 Audio (12:37)____.
  • Segment #4 Audio (14:08) … including telling Smith to get my piddly financial support to me; and all with zero acknowledgement of any wrongdoing on the part of Kiska, Smith or anyone else. Actually, she sounded rather bored. Another thing that I have started to notice about these sociopaths: none of them have any real facial expressions. They are either inappropriately exaggerated or completely non-existent.

a) the CAS trial is now scheduled* for 12 days from Jan 12/21 to Jan 26/21 at which point I will have not been permitted to communicate with my beautiful children for TWO YEARS. If that is not 100% parental alienation with INTENTIONAL ATTEMPTED CHILD ALIENTATION, then nothing is.
b) Combined, the CAS, OCL and sociopathic ex have NOT ONE SINGLE WITNESS of me EVER harming my children. Their witnesses are themselves and two physicians (both of whom I already have evidence against.) They have gotten away with the 24-month total impoverishment/assassination of me via Ottawa’s Superior Court of Justice with zero evidence and zero witnesses against me and while ignoring mountains of evidence against themselves—a convenient set-up.
c) Regardless, CAS continues to seek a Summary Judgement against me to avoid trial, appoint a Public Guardian and Trustee so that I am prevented from being heard.
d) Engelking accommodates the entire thing without so much of a shred of decency or humanity

*sort of: Engelking scheduled a Summary Judgement Motion for November 10th at 10:00 so that CAS Ottawa could present more false evidence in order to have the trial cancelled.

If anyone reading this is from or Reddit and are angered by the fact that I keep calling these things NQPs (“not quite people”), then perhaps now you might understand my reasons for suggesting that, in fact, they are an entirely different species/sub-species. (I used to call them TWETYs “those which eat their young”: I believe that the term NQPs, though less accurate, may be more politically correct for those whom have chosen to remain blissfully unaware of the irrefutable societal and environmental demise that will result in devolution, if not extinction.)

32:00 NQPs lack several basic human characteristics (longer work-in-progress list available) which works to their disadvantage:

  1. They seem to be incapable of experiencing fear: accordingly, “intellectual” danger (versus physical danger which triggers their instinctive fight, flight or freeze (think: rats)) does not seem to trigger any reflexive logic. They just keep on keeping on. This ?fact? results in their endless production of self-incriminating evidence.
  2. They lack imagination. They may be exceptionally talented at twisting information/ideas that they have received into something entirely false/wicked but they seem to be incapable of creating new thoughts. Accordingly, they are not quick thinkers … which is why their go-to technique is deflection: re-directing the conversation into one that they have had before or an area that they know something about. To conquer that, simply re-direct them right back to where they attempted to depart. It is not difficult to do: they do not like to be called out for deflection. You still may not get the answer that you are looking for; however, at a minimum, it throws them off their game long enough to come up with some fresh ideas (3 – 5 seconds). Rest assured, if an NQP has invented something or written a screenplay, it stole the ideas from someone else.
  3. They are not that bright, regardless of whatever their I.Q. might be. (E.Q. (Emotional Quotient) and C.Q. (Communication Quotient) renders I.Q. (intelligence quotient) irrelevant: more on that later). Their power comes from the fact that they are part of a pack, and nothing more.
  4. They are easy to provoke into self-incrimination; however, I would not do this unless I was confident that they were already under surveillance and my children were safe.

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