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September 3, 2020

10:43 This morning’s 08:34 e-mail to SCJ Staffer James Law with my new URGENT Notice of Motion to Change the (illegally-obtained) Temporary Order of 2018/19. The documents that were included in this e-mail were:

11:24 Coming Soon >>>> “How Ottawa’s Superior Court of Justice terrorizes innocent people: “the alleged Mental Illness side of the equation, an exposé by Andeé Sea Cae Jak
11:40 Tuesday’s 12:11 e-mail to SCJ Staffer James Law requesting a 60-minute hearing for my criminal Application to be heard regarding a change in my illegally-obtained bail conditions so that I may communicate with my beautiful children whom have been deprived of my love and protection for over 18 months

11:45 Yesterday’s 08:50 e-mail to SCJ Staffer James Law requesting that the 12-day CYSFA trial be re-scheduled for a 9-day trial in September-October as it will be incredibly easy for me to discredit each of the CAS’s so-called “witnesses” and all of its so-called “evidence”.

11:50 This morning’s 07:15 e-mail to SCJ Staffer James Law questioning prosecutor Malcolm Savage’s improper “scheduling” of some hearing for my criminal matters and other items

11:55 This morning’s 08:27 e-mail to SCJ Staffer James Law regarding outstanding documents and records; simply a preface to my pending Motions for document disclosure and an “order to produce” (a few more thousand dollars to be unnecessary spent by the Ontario taxpayer during COVID-19)

12:45 Just more insight on the inner-workings of Ottawa’s Ulterior Court of Corruption

13:40 Just more evidence that most Children’s Aid Societies of Ontario boldly protect eachother’s child abuse and violations of both Ontario’s civil law and the Criminal Code of Canada. (If their activities do not meet the definition of terrorist activities, then I do not know what does.)

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