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September 8, 2020

I spent the weekend looking around town and met a couple of interesting people/noticed as couple of interesting things. Accordingly, there are no archives for September 5-7. Most of this week will be spent on producing legal documents and not storing/posting the self-incriminating evidence that The Ottawa Pipeline cannot seem to produce enough of.

06:48 Beginning to plow through the post-arrest CAS file should prove interesting. The very first document that I open has CAS worker (Mohammed Said) posing as a lawyer that represents CAS Ottawa, committing more perjury and defamatory libel and serving this garbage on my 13-year old son. I hope that he gets life, too. Anyhow, I will not post it all here: I will simply buildout the page. That will naturally feed into the Family file which has Tracy Engelking’s grubby little paws all over it too. (I am quite confident that she will receive the retirement that she deserves. Perhaps, she can share a cell with Debora Scholey of the OCL. Picturing all of these judges and lawyers at the Central East Correction Centre while my children and I assist other victims recover from their years of torture/terrorism helps to sift through all of their incredibly incriminating documentation.)

  1. Mohammed Said is not a lawyer and has no business signing a CAS Status Review. I seem to be the only person capable of acknowledging that there is absolutely nothing legal about CAS Ottawa’s Applications, Status Reviews or any of the Orders which it has obtained since February 2019. Tracy Engelking permitted CAS Ottawa to abuse me and my children and hi-jack the long-awaited divorce trial—not that she and Julie Audet were not already doing enough damage on their own in the 11-volume, four-year file without the legalized terrorist activities of the CAS.
  2. At his second paragraph 5 (the man could not prepare a proper legal document to save his life), Said stated that I brought a Motion and did not submit materials which is entirely false as evidenced by this 20190206 Court Order by J.A. Parfett which scheduled the 20190226 hearing. (20190226 is the date when team CAS-Kiska/Smith-OCJ illegally obtained a restraining order against me which forced me to breach my fiduciary duty to my children: that is, protect them from their emotionally, psychologically and financially abusive father.
  3. At his second paragraph 5 ____.
  4. At his second paragraph 6, Said stated that I was in default on 20190408: I was not in default. I, in fact, attended by teleconference and MacLeod refused an adjournment so that I could prepare materials. (The unlawful arrest by Quebec Police on 20190314 and forced detention until my full acquittal on 20190428 rendered preparation for court on 20190408 quite impossible.

Anyhow, the entire CAS file reads as above. It is nothing but smoke and mirrors that was not vetted by a single judge. Not one. Ottawa’s Team CAS-OCJ is a publicly-funded, multi-billion dollar/year terrorist organization that converts innocent, intelligent, beautiful children into sex-trade workers, drug addicts and/or suicide victims; created for the sport and enjoyment of domestic and international sociopaths.

Not an “if” but a “when”, if you have children, move from Ontario as soon as possible.

08:08 Just another follow-up e-mail to obvious Group participant, defence attorney John Hale, on 20200907 at 06:54: he is incapable of responding to legitimate question and/or acknowledging facts/evidence. The man just denies obvious crime being committed by lawyers and judges and continues his character assassination of me. He confuses whistle-blowing with “not respecting boundaries”. Such good pals with Savage and Karimjee, perhaps they can bunk together in the men’s section of the Lindsay Lockdown.

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