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September 9, 2020

10:34 This morning’s umpteenth e-mail to Ottawa’s SCJ CYFSA division requesting OCL and CAS materials: do we really need any more evidence that administrative staff at the Courthouse are in kahoots with the career criminals whom operate the joint?

10:40 This morning 09:16 e-mail to SCJ Staffer James Law stating that the CAS’s intention to bring a Motion for a Summary Judgement is completely unnecessary: I fully consent to a Summary Judgement at which any non-crooked judge would quickly rule in my favour due to the mountains of self-incriminating evidence that have been produced by the career criminals involved in my Family, CYSFA and Criminal matters.

10:46 This morning’s 09:34 e-mail to Ottawa’s SCJ Criminal division requesting court submission details for the upcoming JPT scheduled for this Friday September 11, 2020 at 15:30 against pathological-lying Crown prosecutor Malcolm Savage and/or one of his many accomplices.

11:06 This morning’s 09:43 e-mail to Ottawa’s SCJ Criminal division requesting the date/time/submission details for my Bail Review Application that Justice J.A. Parfett stated was being scheduled during Assignment Court on September 4, 2020 as evidenced shortly after 11:20 of this audio recording where Crown prosecutor Moiz Karimjee committed perjury by stating that he believed me to be out of the country and claiming that being out of the country was somehow a violation of my illegally-obtained (via perjury, defamation, conspiracy to persecute, accessory after the fact, etcetera) bail conditions.

11:15 This morning’s 10:08 follow-up e-mail regarding the scheduling of my Urgent Motion to Change the (fraudulently-obtained, below-poverty-level) Temporary Order for interim financial support (of $1,230/month which he has not paid since February 2020) as sociopathic ex squats in our $1M+ matrimonial home, emotionally and psychologically abusing (at a minimum) our children, driving around in his Volvo SUV and doing who-knows-what to my dog and my cat.

13:57 It seems that the Ottawa Courthouse Group participants are all pretending to be AFK today.

Update: I did receive a 14:48 response from the SCJ Criminal Division. Submissions are filed “at” JPT and not in advance. This should prove interesting as we are all on a ZOOM call and the hearing is only scheduled for 30 minutes.

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