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September 13, 2020

10:10 Yesterday’s 16:19 response to yet another delusion-laden e-mail from defence attorney John Hale (He does not seem to realize that over 900 new readers at this month, so far, are now following the behaviour of multiple career criminals currently involved in my legal matters and operating from Ottawa’s Courthouse.

10:30 This morning’s 10:19 response to a Gangstalking Sub-Reddit post: “For some reason, my reply is not posting. I print-screened my reply and private messaged it to you with this link to the jpg .”

12:05 This morning’s Sub-Reddit response to a post found on || (20200913 11:48) Generally, I love it and I believe it to be exceptionally accurate. As a very visual person, I think that using a diagram to support the descriptive text is a spectacular idea. Defining all of the various “players”? Also, a spectacular idea. I would build upon it: this is an excellent draft outline for a book/documentary/course textbook. The only issues that I currently have with the piece (which, admittedly, I only quickly read once) are:

  1. the use of the words “master” and “slave” and
  2. the term “psychotic loser”: psychosis (i.e. a psychotic break) is a defence mechanism and nothing evil.

In my opinion, the sociopaths whom are responsible for today’s psychology/psychiatry terms have duped everyone into believing that a psychopath is some sort of evil when, more likely, a psychopath is an empath with a higher Emotional Quotient and/or Communication Quotient as pontificated here and possibly implied by Dr. Maurice Richard Bucke in his book “Cosmic Consciousness” (1905) as I mentioned here.
Thank you very much for posting this. I am going to try to meet the author.

13:57 My (20200913 13:39) sub-Reddit reply to TuhUlaUla regarding comments about “conditions” and “Asperger’s Syndrom” || Respectfully, there are absolutely MANY truly-wicked, evil individuals inhabiting this planet. My estimate is 40-60% which is the reason why both society and the environment are approaching the “tipping point”. I do not refer to them as people as they behave like wild animals.

I did not “mention” any “conditions”:

  1. I referred to psychosis as a state of mind which is adopted by a person experiencing severe trauma.
  2. I revealed my belief that sociopaths, empaths, psychopaths and telepaths are likely different homo sapiens sub-species*.

It is my firm opinion that those whom have been labelled as someone on the Asperger spectrum were born truly brilliant with exceptionally high IQs, EQs and, possibly, CQs. Their “behaviour” is likely due to the fact that, to be blunt, they find the rest of us frustratingly stupid, at a very young age.

I reached out to the author, Conner Wood, regarding collaboration on a project. As I am already approaching companies/human resource departments regarding my provision of “lunch & learn” type seminars on malignant narcissism/sociopathy, embracing his work is a “no-brainer”. As, like me, he is not attempting to claim any copyright or intellectual property rights to his materials, however, there is no need for anyone reading this to wait for me to roll out the book/documentary/seminar series. Anyone(s) can take the ball and run with it and be part of the solution (versus those whom continue to look the other way, state “it’s not my role” and/or continue to be a huge part of the problem).

*Obviously not a topic that the sociopaths whom have infiltrated Ivy League and other leading academic/media/propaganda industries want us to think too much about.

17:20 This afternoon’s e-mail to Social Worker, Ashley Dicintio, of the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre regarding obtaining a list of inmates whom have been victimized by Ottawa’s Crown Attorney’s Office and sharing information regarding Bail Review strategy.

18:34 This evening’s 18:25 e-mail to sociopathic ex’s crooked lawyer, Wade Smith of Bell Baker LLP, regarding the sale of my $1M+ matrimonial home

18:43 My 20200805 14:51 e-mail to sociopathic ex’s RBC investment advisor, Elyse Clements

19:24 My 20200913 19:13 e-mail to London, Ontario-based civil law lawyer whom is participating in bank-assisted fraud (RBC/Visa)

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