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December 1, 2020

(XX:00) Bring Forward > Yesterday we announced that we are now posting at Instagram.

(XX:00) Bring Forward > Yesterday we continued to inform taxpayer-funded, CAS employee Mohammed Said of how he was harming my children.

(XX:00) Bring Forward > Yesterday we continued to attempt to get a response from the Superior Court of Justice, Family Branch, regarding my scandalous CYFSA file #FC-19-CP08.

(XX:00) Bring Forward > Yesterday, we awaited Motion materials due 20201130 from Victor Vallance Blais; at xx:00, we received [insert document] regarding its attempt to have our Statement of Claim struck.

(XX:00) Bring Forward > Yesterday, I did my best to celebrate my beautiful daughter’s birthday as I dealt with all of the other crap (aka draining the swamp).

(10:00) Gift #12 of 13: a work-in-progress Christmas Album

(XX:00) Gift #13 of 13: A Christmas Song Starter Dough, ____, inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s #AddAWordRuinAChristmasSong contest announcement. (Apologies Mr. Fallon; however, I like my idea better.)

(10:30) Coming soon: “Psychiatric Practices at The Ottawa Hospital >>>—-> Is it time for a closer look?” an exposé by Andeé Sea Cae Jak.

(11:13) Organizing evidence against taxpayer-funded, for-profit entity: The Ottawa Hospital (Evidence of No 201312 Flat-lining 1 of X).

(11:13) “I love you”, says malignant narcissist and Collateral Informant.

(11:13) A new page added to our Family Photo Album: October 2012.

(11:13) The first song on our Family Christmas Album.

(11:40) Coming soon: Government-enabled TDVCA, an exposé by Andeé Sea Cae Jak.

(13:42) This afternoon’s e-mail to “Fraud against Ontario I” enablers: Ontario Works’ Stephane Rowe and Maureen Fahey (Section 23 of the Criminal Code of Canada: Accessory after the fact).

(16:01) This afternoon’s e-mail to “Fraud against Ontario II” enablers: Financial Responsibility Office’s Ashvin Gopaul and Lorraine ?LName? with their scandalous instructions.

(16:01) This afternoon’s follow-up submission to the Financial Responsibility Office’s WEBMASTER which gets to decide who sees what. (More on the problem with “webmasters” can be gleaned from an article outline that applies to ALL businesses with an online “service” model.)

(16:01) You see? It is an entire system that has been Years in the making. (And THAT, is why we have such a huge deficit. Our tax dollars are being siphoned away from much-needed infrastructure, etcetera by career criminals whom have infiltrated government, private and public companies and “social services”/not-for-profits.) #IStandWithTrudeau #TeamTrudeau

(17:35) This afternoon’s submission to Team Trudeau regarding crime and corruption in the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (Minister Ahmed Hussen).

(16:01) This afternoon’s Tweet from Jimmy Fallon.

(16:01) Coming Soon: pfi.ROCKS Connect the Dots puzzles! (Level 1)

(16:01) Hotline Bling

(XX:00) ____ ____.

(XX:00) ____ ____.

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