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December 23, 2020

Much of yesterday was spent recording nonsense currently being dished out by Legal Aid Ontario. Are they being extorted to harass me or are certain rogue employees GSI-mal? Time will tell. Still uploading audio, I will post it when I can. That they have knowledge, or ought to have knowledge, of my predicament is evidenced here.

(10:40) Incompetence, Harassment or Evidence of extortion at Legal Aid Ontario (“LAO”); all at the expense of taxpayers for the benefit of criminals || insanity highlights begin at 05:04 of this recording

(10:40) Essentially, LAO threatens to cancel certificate for lawyer Cedric Nahum’s assistance with my upcoming CAS Appeal if I do not write a mini-novel by December 29th as I attempt to move (bug-free) by January 1st || Do you think someone is attempting to cause another psychotic break? It won’t work boys.

(12:36) Evidence of today’s sign-in with OPS because of last week’s obvious attempt to set me up for either another false arrest or an MHA Apprehension || (03:57) audio

(12:36) Evidence of sign-in #1 with OPS 20201216 || You’re good to go! 1 of 2

(12:50) Knowing what I know now, would I permit my children to be vaccinated? Absolutely NOT!!!

(14:54) Just more evidence of incompetence, corruption and/or extortion at taxpayer-funded Ontario Works (an oxymoron if there ever was one)

(15:46) BIGBANG (002)

(15:55) Dear Jimmy Fallon (002) My last gift for my daughter Cate’s 13th birthday was supposed to be a “Sugarhill Starter-dough” by AscJak’s Poppet; however, I have not had a chance. You?

(20:00) To Meg White

(20:20) Dear JP Saxe, Julia Michaels

(20:20) The opposite of love is not hate, it is …

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