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January 1, 2021

(01:41) Dear Alanis Morissette

(01:41) To Brendan Benson

(01:41) Dear Sheryl Crowe.

(02:00) Dear Alvin and The chipmunks.

(02:39) CAnT got your toungue?

(15:30) Part II of my 20201207 review of Rolling Stone magazine’s most recent “Top 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” following the passing of Eddie Van Halen

(15:30) pfi.ROCKS Top 100 Pages Viewed during December 2020 with input from our children, youth and teenagers making the list!

(22:05) Loving Cake! I (Cate turning 3!)

(22:05) Loving Cake! II (especially Ghost-Pleasing)

(22:05) Loving Cake! III (Best in City! Bake it! Sell it!)

(22:05) Loving Cake! IV (Cate turning 2)

(22:05) Loving Cake! V

(22:05) Loving Cake! VI (and “Tower Wrecking”)

(22:05) To Loblaw’s Baked Good Section

(22:50) Anti-Charter Gag Order (I of III) ||| A short video question for Crown prosecutor and career criminal, Malcolm Savage

(22:50) Anti-Charter Gag Order (II of III) ||| A cartoon for Ottawa’s “Superior” Court of Justice

(22:50) Anti-Charter Gag Order (III of III) ||| Na Na Na, Judge Kevin B. Phillips & pal Crown prosecutor Malcolm Savage: thank you for being perfectly unlawful

(22:50) FIBA = First Indicted-Best Assigned

(22:50) Remember, this is for posterity: tell me …?

(22:50) Remember? That WAS a message from poppet. (You chose not to speak [up].)

(22:50) Remember? This was ANOTHER message from Poppet. (You did not understand the non-verbal communication.)

(22:50) Here is ANOTHER message from Poppet. (Ummm, tell MI something good.)

(22:50) Dear Marie Davidson (002)

(23:00) To Twitter contributor @AlwayzInTrouble: there is a reason that you cannot be “slut shamed”. (Shame is an emotion; perhaps, you have none.)

(23:00) To Twitter contributor @AlwayzInTrouble: if you are a monopath, then I know of a Mayor who might like to meet you. (He had “big plans” for, at a minimum, the City of Ottawa.)

(23:00) Dear Britney Spears (002)

(00:38) Dear Janelle Mon[a]e

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