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January 11, 2021

(20:20) Today’s archives were delayed due to excessive volumes. We understand your frustrations and are doing the best that we can. (I can only issue, scan, serve, post/share, file, confirm, follow-up so fast. I do have a $40 HP 3630 (my second one: I donated the 1st one to the maids in Cuba (202003)). The ink is not cheap but the best deal is at Printwell at St. Laurent Shopping Mall). I also attend the Ottawa courthouse with my Epson ?400? ScanSnap everyday so that I can meet the demands forced up me by the CRAZY hours that are now attempting to deprive all victims via demonstrable, non-access to justice at Ottawa’s “Courthouse”. Please hang tight. Build evidence files. I am confident that we will have our day in court. Trump’s Acts of Treason will place him exactly where he belongs and many of our Canadian politicians exactly where they belong too.

(20:42) Dear Ben Affleck (002).

(20:42) Dear Matt Damon (002).

(20:42) Dear The Dead South (002).

(20:42) Dear Camila Cabello (002).

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