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January 14, 2021

I was far too busy to log activities in Archives yesterday.

(07:55)Yesterday, the “Street Theatre” at the Ottawa Courthouse was TOP SHELF!!! I even got a death glare from a very senior judge as pfi.ROCKS buttons were tossed back at me by GSI-mal character “Victimized Immigrant”. I think the message was supposed to be something along the lines of “Back down or we will ensure the CAS kidnaps even more children for the foster care system!” (Yo, Judge! Are you not aware that the entire event was recorded? Silly boy. Silly woman.) I am quite surprised how many GSI-mal is still left in this city. So many of them have wisened up but there are still those trying to influence or harass me using techniques from two to three years ago. Here is a message for you GSI-mal: my tech stopped being malevolently hacked just before my children were kidnapped. I now have a MOUNTAIN of evidence against your Group which has been widely distributed. Do the math and remember, first-in/first-assigned.

(07:55) This morning’s e-mail to SCJ Family Branch re: Motion dates to recuse judges, visit children, increase financial support, seek Occupational rent and amend Amended Answer

(07:55) Yesterday’s Small Claim: The Victim Apartment Scam involving 255 Metcalfe Street Inc. and eleven other defendants.

(14:00) Dear Patsy Cline (R.I.P.)

(14:20) Note for self-represented Small Claims Plaintiffs ||| I learned today that, because of COVID, there are ZERO Motions being processed for Small Claims Court in Ottawa. It is all being done via online requests through Toronto. I will go through this process and post each step when I can. Meanwhile, please do not waste your ink, paper and/or photocopying dollars. If urgent, go to the courthouse counter (with a “line-up ticket” from ? on first floor of courthouse) and ask the Small Claims Clerk on how to serve your Plaintiff Claim via e-mail instead of “personal service”. AJ

(14:22) Bruce Willis (002)

(15:04) To Patric Senson of OCL re: crimes against humanity

(15:04) Dear Devo (002)

(15:04) Dear Dave Chappelle (002)

(15:04) Dear Bill Murray (002)

(15:09) To Ottawa’s Superior Court of Justice (Family branch): Are you aware of the Courts of Justice Act and the Rules of Civil Procedure?

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