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January 24, 2021

Most of yesterday was spent getting organized: the Ministry of the Attorney General wants 60 days notice for any Small Claims/Civil actions. Who shall I start with? I think a short, easy one like Judges MacEachern and Smith for the illegally-heard “remove Snir” Motion on 20200827 for $35,000 and a $2,000,000 action for Mary Fraser’s two illegal court orders following the illegally-scheduled, illegally-heard 20201211 Summary Judgment Motion. Maybe $5,000,000 for Calum MacLeod’s illegally-heard, scandalous final protection order of 20190408. $500,000 for Kevin B. Phillips anti-Charter gag order for his friend Malcolm Savage despite all of the evidence that I filed. Of course, Marie Fortier is solidly in about-to-commit-crime territory: perhaps they would like to be in on the Zoom call.

Anyhow, I did manage to get the Certiori materials all scanned and reviewed, as per below. I also reviewed Ottawa Housing’s “forms”/contracts. Horrendous! I can only imagine the amount of extortion that must go on once someone becomes an Ottawa Housing client. So, only two posts yesterday:

(06:14) Yikes! Freaking Cabinet Minister Doug Downey appointed three more Crown prosecutors to the Bench three weeks ago!!! That should give Ontario’s Prison Industry and hefty boost, huh Doug? Mr. Trudeau, would you please lose this guy? He is costing us a freaking FORTUNE!!! (Are most SCJ Judges ex-Crown or ex-CAS? Likely.)

(10:06) Yikes! Career-criminal Judges change rules to more easily terrorize loving parents by ignoring documents!

(12:41) “The Civil Injunction Cheat Sheet” by Matt Mauer (The case law to which is refers is 1711811 Ontario Ltd. (AdLine) v. Buckley Insurance Brokers Ltd., 2014 ONCA 125

(18:25) Dear Ace of Base (002)

(19:00) To CBC’s garbage employees/participants

(19:04) Dear George Thorogood (002)

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