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February 11, 2021

(06:56) A primer on Summary convictions vs. Trial by Indictment

(06:56) This morning’s e-mail to Crown prosecutor Malcolm Savage regarding his decision to proceed by Indictment vs. the less serious option of Summary Conviction

(06:56) The Arkells (002)

Today will be interesting. What was supposed to be a Judicial Pre-trial on two minor breach allegations squeezed into Justice Boxall’s lunch break has become a contentiously-opposed Crown Application to have Meagan McMahon appointed as my Amicus Curiae due to my “incapacity” due to “mental illness” that I do not have. Materials submitted for today’s 12:30 hearing are viewable here.

(08:00) Regardless of the outcome, it is just another bad day for the Ministry of the Attorney General.

(08:00) Dear T. G. Sheppard and Clint Eastwood .

(08:35) It will be interesting to see if Justice Boxall received any of my materials yesterday. His Honour’s schedule is full for the day. How could his Honour possibly review materials for a last-minute Applicationthat has been JAMMED into his already packed schedule? (If it were me, I would tell Savage to piss off and choose a another date. We shall see.)

(08:48) This morning’s e-mail to the Civil Action Department of the Ministry of the Attorney General (Prison Industry: extortion department) regarding bringing a Motion against me … with costs! (They must have gotten the idea from Victor Vallance Blais. Ms. Gagi, if you choose to proceed just send your Motion materials to Marie T. Fortier and you may win.)

(16:18) Dear Lyle Lovett (002)

(16:32) Just a little moore information for Savage (part 1)

(16:32) Just a little moore information for Savage (part 2) ||| Y’see. Savage, I was not “criminally harassing” your friend with repeated messaging: I was merely alerting him to the fact that, being a member of an international terrorist organization, he may be subject to the death penalty. Although he is a malignant narcissist, he is one to which my children are attached. I did not want them to lose their beast of a father. Like everything else, I did it for them. A&J

(16:32) Just a little moore information for Savage (part 3) ||| Why do you think I completely avoided Tennessee and Texas (as much as possible) when I fled to Mexico in May 2019? GSI-mal has invaded law enforcement and the judicial system. This is a fact. Good luck with your prosecution of me on ANY charge. (and good luck with your future trials)

(16:36) Head’s Up, No-brand .

(17:17) To Hank Williams ||| Also, why are individuals permitted to publish photographs, paintings and/or drawings of celebrities without their permission? Is it time for our legislation to add a new category? We have slander, which is verbal. We have libel, which is written. We need audio/visual defamation given our current A/V, technology-dependent society. Just a thought. A&J (compliments of sub-Reddit r/jackwhite launched from The Black Keys’ home state, Ohio)

(17:17) How to mimic a human being 101

(00:51)Notes for/from today’s OCJ Hearing with Justice Boxall (Wow: now I know how a Judicial Pre-trial is supposed to be run! He deserves a raise. (To MAG: Just grab the salaries from the Family branch judges: you know which ones.))

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