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February 20, 2021

(05:32) An excerpt from my Reddit message account re: Jack White as a TI

(05:41) A link to a video that I received from Third Man Records last night … twice 🤔

(05:41) Note characteristic #14 and then watch above posted video beginning at 00:42 and enjoy Meg at her best at 02:46-02:54

(05:56) Two of the links in my first 05:41 post will not work; so, this is the first one (another page of Twitter CANT regarding the Jack White/Third Man Records demise)

(05:56) This is the second one. (The University & College Scoring Guide that exposes Wayne State University’s “Philosophy” Department)

(06:36) My morning @CaeJak Tweet regarding City Council’s vote to give an extra $10.3M dollars to Ottawa’s corrupt police force (CBC’s Fifth Estate did an exposure piece on the Ottawa Police Service last night. It revealed just the tip of the iceberg in my experienced opinion.

(07:01) This is the most recent piece of garbage coming from my ex via his crooked lawyers at Bell Baker LLP: his entirely libelous and fraudulent Case Conference Brief. (These things literally cannot stop producing self-incriminating evidence to save their lives. I am not concerned whatsoever about the 20210225 hearing. If this whole thing end up in the Supreme Court of Canada, then I might be part of a fantastic new test that other victims can rely upon. While I miss my darling Sean and Cate incredibly much; someone had to stand up to these beasts and I guess we were chosen for the job.)

(07:21) This is my draft Conference Brief (without exhibits, for now)

(07:58) Excellent article regarding appeals from New York-based law firm Reasoned Strategy (1 of 3)

(07:58) Excellent article regarding appeals from New York-based law firm Reasoned Strategy (2 of 3)

(07:58) Excellent article regarding appeals from New York-based law firm Reasoned Strategy (3 of 3)

(08:00) Dear Janet Jackson (002)

(08:13) Interesting December 22, 2020 post, Rolling Stone (part 1 of 2)

(08:13) Interesting December 22, 2020 post, Rolling Stone (part 2 of 2)

(08:22) Y … U … GOELL[s] (posted exactly 60 minutes late)

(08:31) To Karen Elson: it is my hope that Scarlett and Henry will, if they do not already, soon know everything about you. Sincerely, AJ PS. My ex is single and will soon be childless: would you like to meet him? You two may get along quite well.

(09:25) Revisiting our pfi.ROCKS Archives! from December 22, 2020

(11:00) My Appeal(s), criminal trials and eventual divorce are beginning to look like such a slam dunk that it is getting tricky to identify who has been part of this “expose Kiska and his crime ring” operation and who has not! Many involved in “my demise” have not exhibited the “tells” that I picked up from Malcolm Savage, Joseph Addelman and Tracy Engelking (check the Zoom video from the 20200828 CYFSA Assignment Court: at the beginning of the hearing she did the subtle tongue thing … not kidding!) So far, three players have exited stage left: Wade Smith, Tara MacDougall and Debora Scholey.

(11:20) Dear Slippery Sneakers (002) .

(11:20) Dear Chain of Fools

(11:24) Coming Soon: Dear Andeé, how does one identify and avoid a narcissist? Sincerely, Single … and hoping to start a family one day

(11:28) Dear Jack White (002) (Tag, you’re it!)

(12:10) Which one is real and which one is fake? .

(12:20) Dear Jack White (002) (High-five) .

(12:36) My apologies, I have tried. I cannot endure any more of this interview. I have watched enough covert character assassination to NOT be in a position to recognize this garbage. AJ

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