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February 27, 2021

(06:24) “What is Empathy?”, an article by Peter Augros, Meditation Teacher

(07:01) This morning’s @CaeJak Tweet to senior law enforcement regarding the screening in of sociopaths into dirty police precincts

(08:28) This morning’s Tweet with a picture of my beautiful daughter Cate whom I have not seen in two years. Her photo was immediately taken down. It is IMPOSSIBLE to know what is going on in that house. Did Kiska take her phone from her and remove the photo and deny my request? Or, does she hate me because he told her that I moved to Texas and no longer wanted to be her mother? We know that he has been gaslighting my children for years as he caused multiple nervous breakdowns. What he is doing to my beautiful children is anyone’s guess. Eventually, I will reverse ALL of the DAMAGE that he has done to their self-esteem. We shall heal through the cathartic exercise of helping other victim’s of Jim Watson’s pro- forced prostitution Ottawa and other victims of The Ottawa Pipeline and The Ottawa Ticket. This is not an “if”: it is a WHEN. And the WHEN is approaching.

(09:25) Dear The Milk Carton Kids (002)

(09:25) Link to poll: at what age will my beautiful daughter Cate be forced into prostitution without my protection?

(09:25) This S-h-h-h-h-h is Bananas I

(09:25) This S-h-h-h-h-h is Bananas II

At some point Kiska, Bell Baker LLP, the CAS and the rest of these beastly dunkovs have to begin to realize that I was dragged through the underbelly of Ontario for a reason, no? Or, are they THAT unaware/oblivious/arrogant?

(09:40) Personally, I think that Sean and Cate will love having the new last name, Jak. (But, I am going to let them choose any one that they want. Everybody else seems to.)

(10:02) Hey, MacEachern: it is called “acquiring beyond a reasonable doubt”. Get it? Where is your self-incriminating endorsement from Thursday’s scandalous Case [mis]Management Conference? I was disappointed when it did not arrive as promised.

You see, Savage? The longer this takes, the stronger my defense becomes. When I add the judge section, the OCL section, the CAS section and the OPS section, The Ottawa Ticket will become fairly obvious to anyone who can read; including my two beautiful children and all of their friends. (While they do have a few fake, planted friends who are there only to chip away at their self-confidence, they also have some real ones. Hopefully they are aware of which ones are witch, by now.

(10:24) Thank you, RH, for this super-fun Kermit video!!! (A nice break from GSI-mal work.)

(11:28) I wonder if Mayor Jim Watson realizes yet that he is not going to get the Ottawa for which he has been working SO hard. (Bummer, huh Jimmy? Must suck to be you.)

(11:45) Here are additional comments regarding “What is Empathy?” that I have been asked to post here.

(12:12) Re-post of a comments for a fellow Targeted Individual from 20210206 that I have been asked to re-post.

(15:59) Dear The Merryman (002) part I

(15:59) Dear The Merryman (002) part II

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