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March 3, 2021

(12:00) Today’s Weekly Check-in with the OPS and a scroll through Twitter

(13:13) This afternoon’s e-mail to Crown prosecutor Savage: evading questions and pleading insanity

(13:13) Coming Soon: “NCR Opinions: can they be purchased?”, an update by Andeé Sea Cae Jak

(13:13) Dear Mother Mother (002) .

(13:13) Dear Arkells (002)

(17:08) Coming Soon: A Twitter poll @CaeJak … To whom should I devote next week’s OPS bail check-in call? 1. OPS 2. CAS 3. Ottawa’s City Council 4. Cabinet Ministers (This one, at Doug Downey and David Lametti got good at 1:08.)

(17:26) Feedback in already: CAS is out, for the poll on Twitter @CaeJak Ottawa’s Crown Attorney’s Office will be option #2 (Anyone, else want to provide an opinion?)

(17:35) Dear Orlando Bloom (002) … and whoever else understands how to utilize music therapy to endure warfare and in-our-faces global genocide xo

(17:44) Hello? Hello? Hello?

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