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March 28, 2021

On Friday, I sent out a couple of e-mails but have not yet received any response. One was to the domestic terrorists that operate out of the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa asking: “What happens to Sean and Cate if their wicked father dies?” (given he is at a very high risk of having a massive heart attack). This group could not be more irresponsible. In speaking with a lawyer last week who also had heard of horrible stories elsewhere in Ontario, he stating that he believed the CAS should be abolished. Of course, I agreed and could point him to some strong evidence of their torts and crimes. Perhaps a class action can begin sooner than hoped?

Someone recently asked me to draft the beginnings of an auto-biography so that is how Saturday was spent. It was rather emotionally draining (as I every time I re-write the story, I basically have to re-live the torture); however, I managed to bang out 37 pages. It will serve as the basis for several upcoming Affidavits so it was good to get it over with.

(09:43) This was Thursday’s follow e-mail to those who work with MPP Jill Dunlop and the MCCSS regarding the launch of a third-party investigation into the horrific operations of the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa.

(09:55) Since there is so much coming out now about corruption at the OPS, and I am working on [first] my Civil Action that names OPS as a co-defendant, I thought I would publish a teensy bit of my evidence against OPS yesterday on my @CaeJak Twitter account.

(15:51) This afternoon’s e-mail to OPS Detective Daniel Gervais on why I was never interviewed for a single one of my current charges nor any of my past complaints against wicked ex, John Kiska.

(17:17) Awww, thanks.

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