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April 28, 2021

I needed to “break the back” on my “fresh evidence” request for the CAS appeal, so I have not had the time to update archives. I did manage to provide Crown’s Malcolm Savage with more evidence against Kiska:

Yesterday at 10:50 a.m. I posted Educating Crown’s Malcolm Savage on the machinations of a malignant narcissist

Attachment #1 evidenced my success at calming a fearful daughter when there was little else that I could do.

Attachment #2: educated Savage on what new-age stalking and harassment really looks like (vs. the pithy e-mails and my whistle-blowing advocacy site which he is attempting to frame as some sort of harassment on my part). What. A. Racket.

(11:42) Evidence of Psychiatric Abuse, Coercive Control, Slander + the beginnings of my pitch for a documentary

(12:01) Three weeks of February 2013 e-mails which evidence nothing other than a devoted mum, a dedicated professional a supportive wife and beginnings of the end of a 13-year marriage

(12:01) Evidence of Kiska lying to TOH Psychiatric Emergency: I end up being mis-diagnosed with bi-polar disorder

(12:15) Twitter thread where I educated Mr. Devlin on Doug Ford’s Ontario … complete with a couple of evidence-laden voice overs!

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Today’s minutes—of pfc.ROCKS Enterprise!—are dedicated to my beautiful teens, Sean and Cate: I miss you so much. ♥.