How to Attempt to Dispose of Your Wife

by Deirdre Moore / Andeé Sea Cae Jak

With yesterday’s Third-party Records Application adjourned to May 15th due to a technical glitch at Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice, I was able to circle back to my CAS Appeal. I uploaded the Category 1 document (the transcript from the scandalous November 10, 2020 Summary Judgment Motion against scum lawyers Wade Smith, Deborah Souder and Debora Scholey) and all of the Category 2 documents (all materials submitted by all parties for Justice Mary Fraser’s review) to CaseLines.

I also tripped over another good post the described the difference between a malignant narcissist and a psychopath.

To take a break from it all, I started drafting the outline for my book that everyone keeps telling me I must write; although, I would prefer to do a documentary. Perhaps, we will do both.