Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa

Multiple Individuals

(analysis currently in progress: criminal activity, violations of civil law)

LAST UPDATED: 20200821 || CAS Ottawa—Guilty of Terrorism?


(link to Private Information form: in the interim, here are links to two samples. The first one (.pdf) is against crooked psychiatrist, Dr. Paule Kemgni and the second one (an editable MS Word document) is against pathological lying “child protection” worker (of which there are an abundance), Mohammed Said has committed MANY more crimes since I prepared this form last year.)

  1. S. 21(1) Parties to Offence | Counts: ____________
  2. S. 126(1) Disobeying a Statute | Counts: ____________
  3. S. 23(1) Accessory after the fact | Counts: ____________
  4. S. 300 Defamatory Libel | Counts: ____________
  5. S. 131 Perjury | Counts: ____________
  6. S. 134 Giving a False Sworn Statement | Counts: ____________
  7. S. 137 Fabricated Evidence | Counts: ____________
  8. S. 366 Forgery | Counts: ____________
  9. S. 380 Fraud | Counts: ____________
  10. S. 322 Theft | Counts: ____________
  11. S. 264 Criminal Harassment | Counts: ____________
  12. S. 430 Mischief | Counts: ____________
  13. S. 83 Terrorist Activity | Counts: ____________
  14. S. 269.1(1) Torture | Counts: ____________


(link to Statement of Claim: in the interim two samples are viewable here and here)

  1. Negligence: _.
  2. Defamation: _.
  3. Breach in fiduciary duty: _.
  4. Knowing assistance in breach in fiduciary duty: _.
  5. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress against me: _.
  6. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress against me: _.
  7. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress against Sean and/or Cate: _.
  8. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress against Sean and/or Cate: _.

EVIDENCE OF CRIME/VIOLATIONS: ACTIONS AND/OR INACTIONS OF THE CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETY OF OTTAWA which has had knowledge, or ought to have had knowledge, for the past seven YEARS of the abuse that my children and I have been enduring.)

2020 (English)

  • January 2020:
    1. 20200102 E-mail from Tara MacDougall serves as an excellent example of legal bullying/extortion. Even though the 2018 Report from the Office of the Children’s Lawyer (part one and part two) recommended that sole custody of Sean and Cate be awarded to me, CAS lawyer Tara MacDougall gives me an ultimatum: agree that Kiska gets sole custody and agree to whatever he says, or we are going to get your medical files and you shall end up with nothing. Obviously, I was not going to agree to such nonsense. Regardless, this e-mail serves as evidence that the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa has zero child protection concerns about me: they are simply a taxpayer-funded, legal pitbull-for-hire. (I guess Kiska was tired of paying Wade Smith to do the legal bullying so he found a way to get the Province of Ontario to pay for it.)
  • February 2020 is _.
  • March 2020 is _.
  • April 2020 is _.
  • May 2020 is _.
  • June 2020 is _.
  • July 2020
    1. 20200709 0842 e-mail from Souder stating that she refuses to send to me the cherry-picked documents upon which she intends to rely during 20200828 Assignment Court is here.
  • August 2020
    1. Preparation for 20200828 CAS Assignment Court
      1. 20200614 Assignment Court Brief served by CAS lawyer, Tara MacDougall is here
      2. 202008xx Assignment Court Brief served by OCL lawyer, Debora Scholey is not yet available
      3. 20200820 Assignment Court Brief served by Kiska’s lawyer, Wade Smith is here
      4. 20200812 Assignment Court Brief served by me, Deirdre Moore is here
    2. 20200828 CAS Assignment Court hosted by none other than career criminal Justice Tracey Engelking
      The audio from this hearing where, once again, my Brief and all of the evidence previously filed with the court was ignored by all involved is here:

      1. Segment #1 Audio (04:40) Evidence that Engelking has a full roster and, therefore, multiple victims. Likely, there is an abundance of evidence that she is a serial offender; my children and me are neither her first nor her last victims.
      2. Segment #2 Audio (11:05) Confirms that Souder, Said, Scholey, Smith and Engelking are all undeniably involved in collusion to, among other things, commit fraud against me and terrorize my children and me. Souder’s first order of business was to have OPGT appointed (so that I am eventually denied the right to present evidence).
      3. Segment #3 Audio (12:37) Engelking permitted me only three days of a 12-day trial and Souder confirms that they have ZERO witnesses of any harm to my children caused by me. None of CAS’s witnesses have any credibility; especially, sociopathic ex against which the court already has an abundance of evidence. ____.
      4. Segment #4 Audio (14:08) … including telling Smith to get my piddly financial support to me; and all with zero acknowledgement of any wrongdoing on the part of Kiska, Smith or anyone else. Actually, she sounded rather bored. Another thing that I have started to notice about these sociopaths: none of them have any real facial expressions. They are either inappropriately exaggerated or completely non-existent.

      The outcome of this “hearing” was:

      1. A 12-day trial scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on January 11 – 26, 2021 (almost two full years since Sean and Cate were effectively kidnapped from my home and just before the Statute of Limitations will prevent my bringing of my civil action against the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa, Justice J.A. Parfett and Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice.
      2. A Motion to request a Summary Judgement (so that Team CAS-Kiska/Smith-SCJ can avoid a trial) was scheduled for November 10, 2020.
      3. Engelking gave Souder leave to schedule a Motion to have the OPGT-appointed despite clear evidence that I am more than capable.
      4. Engelking instructed Smith to get Kiska to pay to me the amount that was ordered and overdue.
      5. Smith ignored Engelking* and committed another count of extortion (Smith’s ignorance of Engelking’s instruction supports my belief that these sociopaths merely travel in packs: like wolves, they do not care about each other or respect each other … they simply travel in packs to be in a position to intimidate their prey.
  • November
  • December

2019 (English)

  • January 2019 is _.
  • February 2019 is _.
  • March 2019 is _.
  • April 2019 is _.
  • May 2019 is _.
  • June 2019 is _.
  • July 2019 is _.
  • August 2019 is _.
  • September 2019 is _.
  • October 2019 is _.
  • November 2019 is _.
  • December 2019 is _.

 Other documents/evidence:

      1. Private Information Forms
      2.  Complaints to the Law Society of Ontario
        • Tara MacDougall
        • Debora Scholey

2018 (English)

2017 (English)

2016 (English)

2015 (English)

2014 (English)

2013 (English)

Yvonne Munro entered our home, badgered me for 2-3 hours about my parents/sisters and their mental health. In a bizarre exchange, she guilted me into feeling that I needed to acquire a cell phone; otherwise, I was a negligent parent. Before leaving she “gave” temporary sole custody to Kiska, told him not to leave the children alone with me and insisted that I see my family physician immediately (it was a Friday night). My notes from her horrific display of professionalism are long gone; however, this is the (02:30) Audio recording of her arrival. I suffered a full psychotic break later that night.

Days later, Jessica Henry (“Henry”) buried evidence of abuse in the file before closing it. (Note that Kiska did not hit me “physically”; however, his screaming was severe enough (in volume and duration) to terrify my 7 year-old son to the point that he hid under the bed.)

During my second hospitalization in April 2013, Henry laughed as I tried to explain Kiska’s abuse over the phone from The Ottawa Hospital* Psychiatric Ward, under the “care” of Dr. Keith Anderson who could say little more than “there are easier ways to get rid of your wife” before forcing me onto a treatment plan for a mental disorder that I did not have: Bi-polar Affective Disorder with psychotic features. No mania, no depression, just psychosis … and he labels me severely bi-polar.

*The Ottawa Hospital is a taxpayer-funded entity that is owned by a real estate investment firm.

Dr. Jessica Henry, C.Psych

THIS IS A PARTIAL LIST of the employees of taxpayer-funded organizations Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (“CAS”) and Office of the Children’s Lawyer (“OCL”) whom have knowledge of, or ought to have knowledge of years of abuse that have been endured by my children and me.

To-do: insert two columns with links to individual Affidavit pages against those whom are actively involved in feeding Ottawa’s human-trafficking/drug addiction/suicide pipeline