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Appealing a CAS Summary Judgment

So far, nothing about this case has been remotely legal

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(ETA Wednesday, March 15, 2020 by Andeé Sea Cae Jak, SAQOTU Inc.)

Question: What happens when you tell someone wicked that you intend to leave them? Answer: They become more wicked.

Beware of closet sociopaths as—described in the late Anne Kingston’s 2019 Maclean’s article “We are the Dead”—they do exist.

Here are the materials that I prepared for the the 20210325 10:00 a.m. hearing:

  1. My Amended Amended Notice of Appeal which refers to 17 exhibits contained in an Affidavit (Alternate Format without reference to exhibits in case court rejects Affidavit)
  2. My Amended Amended Appellants Certificate which lists the evidence that I believe will be required to fully argue my appeal
  3. My Affidavit without exhibits A-Q
  4. My Affidavit of Service on the CAS, OCL, John Kiska and Cedric Nahum

This is response re: evidence required according to the CAS

This is response re: evidence required according to John Kiska

These are the original documents that were served and filed by former attorney Cedric Nahum: his Notice of Appeal and his Appellant’s Certificate

The Children Aid Society of Ottawa (“CAS”)’s   Summary Judgment Motion and w (“SJM”) against me in favour of my malignant narcissist of an ex was scheduled on 20200828 by former CAS employee Justice Tracy Engelking who ignored 11-volumes of evidence in publicly available divorce file #FC-15-2446.

Apparently, she forgot that Kiska and I were still married and that “custody and access” (terms repealed July 1, 2020) could not be determined in a CYFSA hearing.

Mary Fraser’s 20201211 endorsement (publication ban) was so badly botched that seriously one has to wonder why either of these two women should be permitted to hear any case ever again.

Legislative change needs to happen FAST. Here is a work-in-progress 8-year history about CAS Ottawa and what it has done to my children and me.

Meanwhile, I shall endeavour to seek damages … in Family Court against:

So-called child protection workers:

Link to  CaseLine Documents

Link to Understanding Predators

(Link to resources re: understanding defensive dysregulation)

Resources that have been recommended but not yet read:

On parental alienation: Divorce Casualties by Dr. Douglas Darnall 

On child alienation: beyond Divorce Casualties by Dr. Douglas Darnall 

On recovering from gaslighting: The Gaslighting Recovery Workbook 

Preparing for court: Preparation for a Summary Judgement Motion 

Under development: Scandalous CAS 2019-2021 Continuing Record 

Under development: Scandalous Divorce 2015-2021 Continuing Record with the “Honourable” Tracy Engelking as the Case Management Judge

(Insert theory regarding The Ottawa Ticket and The Ottawa Pipeline.)

“Until … can be developed … .”

(Discuss sociopaths and link to philosophy page:

  Andeé’s thoughts on bankrupting the CAS Ottawa

Article ideas, outlines and research-in-progress drafts are available here.
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