Errors, Omissions and Obfuscation

Mohammed Said, CAS


207 paragraphs of defamatory libel when Said had knowledge, or ought to have had knowledge, of the truth

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Paragraph_sentence Correction of false and/or misleading statement(s) with evidence-support truth added
01_01-03 || I am a child protection worker employed by the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa. I am the assigned ongoing worker for this family, and as such, have knowledge of the matters I herein depose to. Where the information is not from my own observation, I verily believe that information to be true, from the sources as referenced below. 01_01-03 || In 2019, the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (“CAS”) again became involved in the lives of Ms. Moore (“Moore”) and her children at the request of Johnathan Kiska “Kiska”, the man whom Moore has been attempting to divorce since 2013. The assigned case worker was Viana Ibrahim (“Ibrahim”).

On or about 20190126, during a scheduled appointment at Moore’s home, Ibrahim advised that the file was to be transferred to a new worker, Mohammed Said (“Said”) who requested that Moore sign a voluntary agreement to work with the CAS. For several days, Moore requested a copy of the voluntary agreement; however, instead of receiving any materials, Said:

  • attended her home on 20190201 with three Ottawa Police Services (“OPS”) offices without a warrant when there was no imminent danger
  • apprehended her children and delivered them to Kiska
  • prepared a 20190205 commissioned affidavit laden with errors, omissions and obfuscation which completely ignored the evidence of Kiska’s abuse that was contained in the document which was provided to him and Ibrahim (see 20181231 Submission to Engelking) as well as other evidence contained within the CAS file dating back to 2013.

Family Constellation

Paragraph_sentence Correction of false and/or misleading statement(s) with evidence-support truth added
02_01 || The family constellation consists of the parents, Deirdre Moore and Jonathan Kiska.

02_02 || They have been separated since December 2016.

02_03 || At the time the children were brought to a place of safety, the parents were involved in family court proceedings, and the children were residing in a joint custody, shared parenting time schedule of 2/2/3 days alternating with each parent.

02_04|| There were also issues of child support, spousal support and division of property before the Family Court.

02_05 || The issues of custody and access were stayed by Order of Justice Audet on July 29, 2019 and the remainder of the Family Court proceeding was stayed by Order of Justice T. Engelking on August 9, 2019.

02_06|| The Family Law proceeding will be dealt with once the child protection matter is complete.

02_01 || Following years of a “roller-coaster” relationship, the marriage between Moore and Kiska finally began to fall apart in 2013 following an intense period of argument over financial/estate planning and overall quality of life. Arguments that took place privately or by e-mail intensified to the point where Kiska screamed so severely at Moore that:

  • her son Sean, then aged 6, hid under his bed in fear,
  • Moore began to experience a psychotic break and
  • Moore ended up being brought to The Ottawa Hospital (“TOH”) for psychiatric care.

Instead of explaining to psychiatrists at TOH about the deterioration of their marriage, Kiska lied to psychiatrists about the cause of her mental suffering and she was diagnosed with “Bi-polar” with psychotic features. The marriage continued to deteriorate from that point as evidenced in Moore’s 20191127 Affidavit:

02_02 || Beginning to recognize that Kiska was somehow responsible for her mental suffering and lengthy hospitalizations, Moore first separated from Kiska in 2014. However, difficulty retaining a lawyer—and with Kiska profusely denying any involvement in her misdiagnosis/lengthy hospitalizations and begging her to return—she decided to attempt reconciliation. (She did not realize that Kiska had already been seeking a divorce lawyer since 2013.) On 20150926, after finding the incriminating evidence of Kiska’s psychiatric abuse in her medical files, she separated from Kiska and made the mistake of informing him that she would be seeking a divorce on grounds of cruelty. However, she was unable to afford her divorce due to the legal bullying of his lawyer, Wade Smith, and the exorbitant fees being charged by her lawyer (i.e. $25,000 within five months to accomplish nothing.) She returned April 2016, only to need to alert the CAS and her family physician by November 2016 that Kiska abuse was escalating again. Moore separated from Kiska for the third and final time 20161127.

02_03 || The children were in a place of safety on 20190201 when Said executed the unlawful child apprehension: they were with their devoted mother, Ms. Moore. They were about to make pizza for dinner.

02_04 || Following a 18 months of Kiska refusing to fairly share children’s expenses, pay for life insurance or provide meaningful support, he fraudulently-obtained a support order of merely $1,230 for Moore and $345 for the children by significantly under-stating his income and significantly over-stating Moore’s income. Having been the stay-at-home parent for over eight years, Moore had great difficulty securing employment and protected her children from Kiska’s financial abuse via credit cards, lines of credit and, ultimately, the forced sale of her modest bungalow.

02_05 || Following six months of Kiska and CAS being in contempt of an illegally-obtained 20190408 court order, Moore violated it so that her children could hear her voice and realize that she had not abandoned them. Although she brought bags of evidence against Kiska and the CAS, OPS Detective Kirady ignore her testimony and the “20181231 Submission to Engelking”
02_06 || Moore has received permission to seek significant damages for Kiska’s violations of civil law including, but not limited to, the intentional infliction of emotional suffering and mental harm as well as his violations of multiple crimes, including but not limited to, defamatory libel. Justice Darlene Summers’ 2017 decision was a significant win for victims of domestic-violence-without-the-bruises as mentioned in The Ottawa Citizen.

03_01 || The children are Cate Kiska (DOB: November 30, 2007) age 12, almost 13 and Sean Kiska (DOB: May 8, 2006) age 14. The children have resided in the care of their father since being brought to a place of safety on February 1, 2019. 03_01 || The children have been denied the love and protection of their devoted mother since the unlawful abduction by Said. Both Kiska and the CAS have prevented them from even hearing her voice. Moore’s vulnerable daughter started high school, and likely her menstrual cycle, without any support from her mother. Both Sean and Cate have been gaslit into believing that Moore has a severe, chronic mental illness and/or has abandoned them completely. The CAS is actively seeking that sole custody and access be awarded to Kiska with a permanent restraining order placed against Moore.

Lawyers whom have ignored the investigation findings and the recommendations of the Office of the Children’s Lawyer include: Nancy Tara MacDougall and Deborah Souder (CAS) and Debora Scholey and Shuah Roskies (OCL).

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